Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 108 - 7 Month Focus / Struggles

I spent a great deal of time yesterday reading blogs and there seems to be a common theme.....This journey is hard!!!!!

That is for sure! There are many people, including myself, who have had success, struggled, threatened to quit, wanted to run away, were high on the mountain top and then thrown to the ground. I've experienced all of these things and then some!

I have learned that this journey is not easy....It's not easy getting started.....not easy staying focused.....not easy getting to the goal.....and I read that it's not easy keeping the weight off. The journey is NOT EASY!!!!

Other things I picked up while I was reading is ~ to achieve a healthy lifestyle and to reach our goals is....That it will take hard work to reach our goals....There is no easy way out.....There will be success and struggle.....There is no MAGIC PILL....

Well what does that leave us?


Because I also heard that it takes determination, a strong will and grit to get this done. And my Friend we have that!!!

There is no reason why we can't reach our goals. None! Even in times of trouble, disappointment, struggles and even good times. We can do this!

I'm an all or nothing kind of gal. If I can't do it perfect then, I'm stopping. Well so far, I have been far from perfect on this journey and I have had many successes and many failures and I'm still at it. One day I have clarity of mind, then the next I'm out of my mind. I have been on my way, making stuff happen and then life happens and I'm off track. I've wanted to get this weight off and then there have been times, like last week while I was on vacation, that I did not even think of the journey. I've had highly productive days and days where I could hardly get out of bed. But I have not quit.

I guess what I'm even though many things have happened along the journey, good and bad, I'm still here...I'm still plugging away...I'm still at it! I have not quit (which I did many times on other plans). I'm still focused!! I'm Determined!!! I gritting this out!!!!

So even though it's not perfect, the goals can still be achieved, just have to keep at it and stay focused on the goal!! Can't quit ~ EVER!

The other thing, I would like to share is....While I was complaining to someone about my stresses, struggles and troubles, she reminded me that I need to slow down and ENJOY the journey. I did that when I first started and things really happened for me...EVEN WHEN I WAS DOING MOST THINGS WRONG. I lost most of my weight doing things wrong and I think, for me, that the stress I've put on myself recently has stalled my progress. I've been so focused on the end goal, that I've not enjoyed, DAILY, the progress that I've made.

So yesterday, I enjoyed the day. I did not look ahead, I did not stress what I did not get done....I was happy with right where I was!!!!! So the END result of yesterday was...

I had a great food day, got my water in, moved my body, was on time for everything, worked hard at work, got some home stuff done, saw my Nutritionist, visited with my Daughter and Mom, played a game and spent time blogging. It was a great day! Stress FREE!

Today, I'm refreshed and ready to do it again!

How about you...Are you ready to leave stress behind and enjoy the journey?

Keep focused!


  1. Congratulations on the stress free day!

    Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. I'm glad you rook time to read some Blogs including mine. Thank-you so much for your encouragement and this post too. When we lose hope we are so terribly lost. I can only re-iterate that no matter what happens, whatever life throws at you, whatever lapses you have for whatever reason .... Never give up. Those words are etched in my heart. I've just read somewhere there is a little book titled It's Never Too Late. I need to keep reminding myself as I grow older.


  3. I love this post!!! You're so right, there's nothing about this journey that's easy. It does take determination and grit. And that all or nothing mentality has to be thrown out. I'm an "all or something" girl now. I'm so no perfect, but like you I'm hanging in there. I'm glad we're still at this sister!!!

    Love and hugs!!!