Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 93 ~ 7 Month Focus

OK I've been a baby around here!! When I don't feel good, nothin' is right in my world. For quite a while, I've been struggling with pain and pressure in my head....Since October 2010!!!!

I've had a couple theories as to why I'm having this trouble and through a process of elimination I think we are getting to the core of the problem. Thankfully it's not a brain tumor, but look at what I thought it was....

  • Residual problems from the Hemi Facial Spasms. When I had this problem, all the symptoms were on the left side of my face. Well....my new problem is on the right side. I just thought that maybe it was moving over to the other side. Nope!
  • Then I thought it was my glasses. You know, old people....yeah that's me....their eyes are changing all the time. So I thought that was it. Do you know that's I've been to the Eye Doctor at least 4 times to get new lenses. Poor Eye Doc, he must think he's a failure, because he could not get my prescription right. Nope....it's not my eyes!
  • Then I had the bout with the Aspartame. When I was in the middle of that...everything hurt and this was just one more thing...so I thought the Aspartame problem was causing my pain. Nope...not that either.
  • Then I was afraid that I had a brain tumor. Nope, not that one either. Whew!
Well what the heck is it? 

The point of me writing all of this is to show you what a scaredy cat I really am. You see, I've called the neurologist and set an appointment 3 times to go in to see what was happening. Each time, I cancelled because of some lame excuse. Just last Friday, I did it again....I called to cancel my appointment for yesterday. Frankly I did not want to hear that the problem was serious....that they would recommend drugs (you know I'm not a fan of taking meds)....or they would tell me I would have to alter my lifestyle or I would have to do more testing, more needle pokes, more questions. I certainly did not want to hear anything about a tumor (my sweet Sister in Law is fighting for her life right now. She has an inoperable brain tumor). Nope I don't want that! So I tried to avoid finding out the details all together!

Unfortunately I struggled so much, with the pain and pressure in my head, last weekend and by Monday, I was having trouble functioning. So finally, I got the courage to call the Doc back and see if they still had my appointment open. I told the lady why I was avoiding the appointment and she laughed. In a sweet, understanding way....but the poor thing works in a Neurologists office. I'm sure it's not very uplifting place most of the time. I bet she gets these calls a lot. 

Anyway, they did not book my slot and I was scheduled to go in at 1:45pm. I was so nervous that I was there at 1:00pm. I really, really, really needed to see that doctor. 

Well my Dr Amie is great. I've seen her a couple of times and have called her a bunch, so she knows what's going on. She does all her preliminary tests that Neurologists do. Then she does this thing where she lays me on the bed, with my head extended over the bed. Then she sits me up and then throws me down, really fast. Then she makes me look to the side and  she looks at my eyes, to see what they do. I was wondering if she was trying to punish me for all the trouble I've caused her and her office....LOL! Nope, it's a test. Who thinks up this stuff?

Anyway, she gets done and says she thinks I have Vertigo, due to the problem with my ear. WHAT? No tumor?   Whew!!!!!!!!!!!

I felt like doing a jig (for those too young to know what a jig is, it's a lively dance), right there in her office. Then I wanted to kick myself up one side and down the other for putting this off for so long. You mean I could have had relief months ago? Probably if I would have gotten my scaredy cat butt into the office to find out what's going on.

Whew.....can I say relief again?

Anyway, now it's back to a Ear, Nose & Throat Doc for therapy. Hopefully this ENT will finally figure out what's going on with my ears as I've had chronic problems with them for a couple of years. (No I have not been avoiding getting them fixed, it's just that the doc's can't figure out what the problem is. It's been very frustrating!!)

This is a Blessing in disguise, as I may be getting the help I need to get my ears fixed.

So all this to say.....Don't be a scaredy cat when it comes to your health. Maybe what's going on is bad...but then again...maybe it's not. I have to tell you fear is terrible thing. It keeps you bound. I have added extra stress to my live unnecessarily. Just knowing I have Vertigo has brought me so much relief. I know for some, even having that is terrible, but for me, it's so much better than what it could have been.

Whew....that's all I can say!!!

So take care of yourself. Face the hard stuff. Do what you have to do to get healthy. It's so worth it!

Keep focused!


  1. Great post! Vertigo isn't fun, but at least you can figure out the issue and deal with it. Glad it's nothing more serious.

  2. Bless your heart. I hope you're able to get the help you need soon.

  3. Good message, Joy. remember that saying: there is nothing to fear but fear itself. That is what you did, conquered your fear! Stay strong, my friend!

  4. Very nice submit, you have conquered your fear. Keep it up!!!