Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 85 to 90 - 7 Month Focus

Has four days gone by already? Well now 5 days....Nope it's 6 days now....I started this post a couple of times and got distracted....again and again!!!!

Good news...I FINALLY RAN AN ENTIRE 5k!!!!!

To set the tone....Race day was gorgeous!!! Bright blue skies, sunshine, great temperature, tons of 4th of July festivities going on, family and friends. I was with my daughter, along with Margene, her family and friends. This was a race for Cancer Awareness Treatment for Breast Cancer. We had around 1200 to 1400 participants this year. It's a great race!

(My daughter, Friend, Friend, Friend, Margene's daughter, Margene, then me)

SO anyway, we get set to go and the minute the race starts, I get teary eyed. I do this for many reasons. #1~ I was running in honor of my Sister in Law who is now fighting for her life because of cancer and for my friend who died of cancer and for my grandma who had breast cancer. So I was thinking of them. Then #2 ~ My 5k  career started with this race 3 years ago. When I walked that one, I could barely do it. I remember, minutes into that first race, I was crying because I was having pain in my legs. I walked that whole thing pretty much stump legged because there was so much pain. (But I did it in 1 hr ~ 7 minutes) Anyway, #3 ~ I was missing my hubby! He had to work that day, so he could not be there. So the race starts and we are off....I'm choking back the tears and just trying to focus and after a short time, I feel a slap on my hiney.

I have never been so focused...I almost missed that someone hit me in that area. And after a little time, it finally registered with me that my buns were smarting and I looked over to see my hubby with his race shirt on. The stinker, he surprised me and took the day off ~ he was running the race with me!!!

After I worked through the next set of tears, I got refocused and set my mind on the finish line!

Some things I learned about doing this...#1 It's very helpful to have enough rest and the right kind of food before the race. I was fully prepared in both areas so I felt great! Of course good shoes and comfortable clothes is important too! Next, good music that lifts you up is fantastic. My last 5k I tried listening to music for the first time. I picked a random rock station and every song they played talked about hell, death or dying.....Then on that course, some people thought it a great idea to put chalk outlines of dead bodies along the route. Let me just tell you that I was not amused!!!! Then having your support people there is bonus!! Hubby really helped me stay focused, kept me hydrated and encouraged me to the finish line. And finally knowing the course was the most important thing for me. They have mile markers along every course, but in last 5 races I've done, I've only seen one marker along the route. It can be really frustrating not knowing how long you have to go. I really need to purchase a watch. But this time, because I've run this course 2 other times, I knew how many turns I had until the main stretch to the finish line. So helpful to me!!

The hardest part was that last stretch to the finish line. You come around the bend and you can see the finish banner, it does not seem that far away, however, I bet it's at least a mile. I have to say, I was getting tired by then, but that banner beckoned me. I was not stopping. Oh and of course, I was thinking of my sister in law and others who have fought the fight of cancer. I thought, "If they can do that, do all it takes to live....then I can do this!!!" It really helped me make it to the end!!

It was kind of cool, because every once in a while I'd get this burst of energy and I would run faster and then I would go back to my normal stride. Never done that before. Well I've never run a whole race before either. Who knows what I'm capable of.

Last race there were kids along the route wanting to give high fives! I don't know why people want to do this,  but anyway, last race I was so disappointed in myself that I would not even look at the people. They would cheer and encourage and I would grumble inside. I would literally run away from anyone who wanted to encourage me. This race, I'm high five'n as much as I can. I felt great and worthy of the encouragement. Because I was really pushing to make this happen!!

So we get closer to the finish, I pick up my speed and nearly knock myself out of my shoes, because I can't believe my time. Then I really push it!!! The tears are coming again! I did my personal best!!!!

The last 5k I did - walking and running I came in at 52 minutes. This time I blew past the finish line at 45.2 minutes. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? ME....I DID THAT!!!

I know still a slow time, but for me, that is fantastic!! My daughter was so surprised and excited for me. She got in at some ridiculous time.....30 something minutes and she said she was waiting at the finish line. She knew that my time was 52 minutes and about the time I came in, she almost walked away to look at something and would be back in time to see me come in. She was so happy she waited.

So I came in to hugs from Hubby, my daughter and Margene. I can't believe I did it!!

Since then and the reason for me not writing, is that every day since, has been jammed packed. After the 5k, we went to Cottage Grove about 2 1/2 hours from here. Spend the day with my Hubby's family. First time in years that all five of the boys were together, we had one come from Alaska and one from Colorado. We had a fantastic time. Ended up getting home at 1am.

Then the next day it was work all day and water aerobics and bed...I was exhausted. Then on Wednesday it was work and stability ball class and bed. Exhausted again and then Thursday we were out on our boat all day skiing. And then yesterday it was work all day and I was on the couch at 6pm and asleep. Can I say I'm exhausted?

Since my computer has been on the fritz on and off, I've noticed there has been a shift in my 7 Month Focus Plan. The first 3 months of the plan, I got a lot of the things done, but they were the easy things. Drinking water, recording calories and blogging got done most every day. The hard stuff, the stuff that really makes a difference in my weight loss plan......Exercise and calorie intake did not get done every day. Since I have refocused and put those things first I am getting results. Down to 208 pounds.....but more is happening with my body....inches are moving....more people are noticing weight loss again. Soooo exciting!

So I may be sporadic on my blog, but be assured I'm not sporadic in my plan. I'm working this thing and things are happening!!

How about you...Are you working your plan?

Keep focused!


  1. Congratulations!! Be proud of that time!!! I cant wait til I can run the whole thing!!! I love to do 5Ks, esp for great causes!!!

  2. I'm so happy for you. Reading about your race brought tears to my eyes. You are doing great!!!

  3. What a terrific accomplishment! Great job running your whole 5k, Joy! Amazingly proud of you. :)

  4. This was just beautiful to read im so proud of you !

  5. That really was the coolest thing that your husband showed up and surprised you! How cool is that!!

    I love your line "Who knows what I'm capable of" !! That is so true. You are amazing Joy... I can feel your energy being around you. You are strong, determined and amazing. I feel so thankful to have met you and shared this small part of our journey's together. I know we will continue to share even after I'm in Utah. You can do this!!! We both can!

    Much love,

  6. Congrats for the weight loss! It seems very interesting blog.