Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 96 to whatever!

Vacation is over and what a disaster it was! We planned on going camping with friends for a week. I planned on eating well and exercising every day. I planned on having good thoughts and maybe even doing a little writing on my book. All great plans, but I did not get any of it done!

We worked so hard and spent so much money on getting our vacation plans together. We were going with 3 other couples and their families and we were going camping at Diamond Lake near Crater Lake. I was so excited, because the last time I was there, I was a kid. I could not wait to see Crater Lake and all its beautiful scenery! Day one of our trip was OK. We started out and the first thing everyone wanted to do was go to Starbucks. Already if I did not plan well, I could be ingesting over 300 calories, at least. Fortunately good sense hit me and I ordered a plain coffee with cream. Then we finally got on the road. The next stop was for lunch. You guessed it. Fast food! Can I just say panic hit me! I have not had any fast food for over a year and a half! I was almost paralyzed going into the restaurant. After checking out the menu I saw that I could get a wrap and a salad. My hubby and I split the meal and I don't think it was too high in calorie! Then we finally got to our destination and set up and then they wanted to go out for dinner. You guessed it again. Bad food choice....Pizza! Hubby and I just did the best we could.

You might be realizing it by now, that we were not driving this train! So all of the decisions were out of our hands. I mean all of them. You see we are the new comers to the group, so we did not feel like we had a lot of say in anything.

So day one for food was a bust ~ but it was great for camping!

Day 2 was pretty good, kind of confusing, because we don't know the routine of the group yet. So my Hubby and our friend went fishing, leaving me wondering what I should be doing. Someone says they'd make breakfast for the group, and everyone was really excited about this. I was anxious to see what all the hubbub was about. When we were called to the camp kitchen, all I see is sausages. That's it! Everyone snagged their portion and they were all very happy. I was happy too because these pork sausages were cooked in brown sugar and corn syrup. They were amazing to be sure, but not quite the healthy dish that I needed to start my day.

As the day wore on, we had a great time, except for the mosquitoes, they are bountiful and really hungry. I just love the smell of bug spray and Citronella, don't you?

Anyway, later that day it started to rain and it did not stop until we left the next day ~ 5 days early. Unfortunately the forecast did not look good for the rest of the week, so the leaders of the group made the decision to go home. Hubby and I wanted to wait it out, but we were driving with another family, so it was not possible. We did not even see Crater Lake and we were within 30 minutes of the lake. Can I say disappointing?

Of course on the way home, they wanted lunch. Fast food again! Lets just say, I had a taco salad and a burrito. I was so flirting with disaster! I should have not had what I had, I really felt like I blew it big time!

So we get home Monday with all of our camping food! Enough to share with 18 other people. It was kind of depressing because here I'm not wanting to eat extra food, but feeling guilty because we have so much food left over, that if we don't eat it, it will spoil and we will be wasting our money.

So on Tuesday we invite our daughter and her family over for a BBQ, which was really nice and we were able to get rid of some of the food. The next night we went over to the our friends house and took food with us. I can't even remember what we did on Thursday and on Friday we went, with our camping friends, to a resort about 3 hours from here and spent the day in the sun. It was awesome! Again, not a great food day. I even had an ice cream cone. Don't know where my head is most of the time! I have to say though, I felt pretty good about myself. I did not feel like a whale in my swimsuit and even walked around without my cover up. I forgot about it. So not like me. That part was really fun!

Yesterday we did a bunch of running around and had my daughter and the grand babies over for dinner. I think the food is almost gone! Whew!

I had these fabulous ideas that I would find some kind of exercise to do every day. Well that did not happen. While we were camping it was just too rainy. Then when we got home. I simply did not want to do it. I rebelled!

For the good thoughts....well lets just say, I fell on that one too. One night I woke up at 3am and literally thought of every bad thing I ever did in my entire life. Folks, that is a lot of stuff.  Course, did I once think of one good thing I've done? NOPE! I've probably done 3 times or more of good things than bad and wouldn't you know, all I can think about is the bad. Typical!

Writing....did not get anything done on that either, however, I've got a lot of ideas. Just need to get them on paper before I forget them.

Time went by sooo fast! Can't believe it's already the end of July. Do you know, that I went into a craft store this week and they have their fall, Halloween & Thanksgiving stuff out already. Even at Costco, they had their ribbon out and up front so you can see it. Christmas ribbon!!! Yikes, I'm not ready for this season to change. Does not seem we've even had summer yet. We've barely hit the 80's. Augh!

Needless to say, I'm disappointed that I did not make better choices for myself? I feel awful today, fat and flabby. It's amazing what a difference a week can make, with the lack of exercise and a high calories. I am looking forward to getting back to my healthy lifestyle!

Thankfully, with all of my flub ups and bad choices, I'm up only 2 pounds! Obviously I have a lot of work to do, because my old way of life, came back very easily. Kind of like an old unhealthy old friend...but very enticing! I just can't go back to the old way. I just can't!

Today, Hubby and I went for a bike ride. I really did not want to go. I was, frankly, afraid, I could not do it. Fortunately I was able to do it easily. We went about 6 miles, averaging 16 to 17 miles per hour. I'm happy with that!

How about you? I've miss you....are you doing well???

Keep focused!

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  1. Welcome back. I missed you.

    Vacations are hard for me too. I always go with the best of intentions, but my resolve seems to erode with each passing day.

    But you had some great victories!
    *you realized that fast food was not the best choice
    *you didn't feel like a whale in your swimsuit
    *you only gained 2 pounds
    *you got back with the program even when you didn't feel like it
    Those are just a few.

    You're doing great, and you'll make it to your goal. I know it!