Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 109 ~ 7 Month Focus - Who is that?

Yesterday I went to my Daughters house for dinner. While we were waiting, she asked me if she could cut my hair. (She a hairstylist, so no worries here) Anyway, we are chatting and she's just cutting away. When we were done I looked down on the floor and there was a ton of hair there. I was thinking, Oh no......what did I do? So, she styles it for me and off we go to the bathroom for a look.

So I walk in and look in the mirror and cannot believe who I was looking at. I don't recognize myself. It's so funny, I could only take peeks of myself, I could not look for very long.....I don't know that girl in the mirror!

Thin face, nice skin, cute hair. My Daughter says I look so young. I bet I look better now than I did when I was younger. So weird.

Anyway we are off to the Farmers Market for some fresh fruit and then we are soaking in the sun on our boat.

Keep focused


  1. Oh, oh, oh - we need PICS (when you can!). Exciting for you!

  2. Yes, you'll have to post pics! My hair grows unbelievably slow (b/c it's so fine and curly), and I've been trying to grow my hair out for 7-8 years! I've never gotten more than a trim, and my hair still isn't to my shoulder blades.

  3. Good for you - post a picture!

  4. Okay... you cannot post this and then NOT post a picture!! Come on now... I want to see your gorgeous new hair cut and look! Hope you enjoyed the farmers market!!