Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Clothes ~ Love Them...Hate Them

Losing weight has so many benefits. I have more energy, feel great, gaining strength, and I'm looking good! And one of the benefits is my clothes don't fit, but this can also be a bad thing.

Just bought a pair of short, pants and jeans in a size 18. They were kind of snug when I got them a month ago. Now, I can almost slide the pants over my hips. I know it's a good problem ~ right?

I can't keep up!! Pants are too big I get small ones, then I need new underwear and oh the bra's, oh the bra's, my favorite article of clothing. They are too big too!! You know I hate buying bra's, this is a problem!!

I wish I could afford getting everything that fits at the same time, but I just can't. So I have to work in stages ~ so something is always too big!!

I know, I know ~ what a problem!!

I am learning, not to get too excited about an outfit, because soon they will be too big!

Sounds like I'm complaining ~ I'm not ~ just trying to figure out how to keep the pertinent body parts covered and not look like I'm wearing a circus tent!

One thing I noticed ~ my size 24 clothes weighed a lot. The fabric was so massive, when you hold them up, it looks like you can cover a window with them. They were huge, so much fabric and they weighed a ton. My new sized 18 Capri's are tiny. They fold up into nothing and hardly weigh a thing.

My husband used to give me grief, because when I would pack a bag for an over night trip, I would have to bring a full sized duffel bag. Jammed packed with just enough clothes for the trip. He would say, "we're only going for the night ~ looks like you've packed for a week!" There were times when I would be a little offended and could not understand why I had to bring to much. Well I am realizing, it was not that I was bringing too much, it's just what I had to bring was so big and bulky, it just filled the duffel to the brim.

Now I'm anxious to go on a road trip. Want to see how the duffel looks, see if the smaller clothes make a difference!

Do you struggle with the clothes thing? What have you done to keep yourself clothed?



  1. I have this problem as well. Thankfully my cousin has given me some of her clothes as she lost weight too. But most of them now are too small still. So I have to wait to fit into most of them. Most things are getting big, fast. Great problem, but hard on the pocket book. My workout stuff is falling apart.

  2. Well... a few years ago I lost 50lbs. I got rid of EVERY fat clothing item I had. Bought all new clothes at a size 12 and medium top. Then, I gained a few lbs, so I had to get some 14s... 16s.... 18s... 20s... and finally was back into the 22-24s. So, that sucked. BUT... now I have all those sizes to back down into and don't have to shop at each turn. :) I get to shop in my closet! And most those clothes are practically brand new, so woo hoo for me! Haha

  3. It's really hard with the clothes thing. I have gone from a size 24 to a size 10, from a 3x to a M... here's what I've learned along the way.

    - I usually wear my pants 1 size past, just b/c I can't afford to be buying new pants so much... So if I'm in a 10 now, I still have some 14s... it isn't always the best, but I can't buy pants in every single size.
    - I shop at consignment stores and goodwill, and I have to dress up for work. I find lots of good thigns for a steal of a deal, and its ok if a little life is gone, b/c I won't be using them for long anyways.
    - I buy clothes from eBay
    - I shop a lot at Target and Walmart. You can get some good basics for cheap, and again quality isn't really an issue when you'll only wear them for a few months.
    - I found this awesome place here called Clothes Mentor. They actually have quite a few locations in lots of states:
    awesome clothes for a fraction of the price new and they will buy your clothes giving you money to put back into smaller clothes

    Good luck... you are right, it is an awesome problem to have, but sucks at the same time :-) I am hoping I am nearing the end of the size hopping.. I'm guessing shirt wise I am at a medium in most and that is as small as I will get... pants wise I'd like to see myself ultimately in a size 8.