Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Roller Coaster Going Down...

Do you ever feel like you are on a roller coaster? On day you're up, one day you're down. One hour you're up, one hour you're down. Do you know what I mean? Yesterday, I was on top of the world. Then I got a little information at work that I did not want to hear and it destroyed my whole day.

Does anybody else get derailed on your mood by things like this?

If so,

Why do we go there?

I am very frustrated with myself. Instead of looking at this situation as an adult, I find myself wanting to be a baby and pout, with my big ole bottom lip hanging out there for all the world to see. It's so big a bird could land on it. (My dad used to always say that) I must have a really big pouty lip!!!

Anyway, in all that I've learned about life, with all the outlets I have for relieving my stress, with all the tools that I have, I still went there!!!! I got angry and I wrecked my day!!!

The good thing is, I did not turn to food. Which is success for me. Because normally, a situation like that would have sent me to an all out food fest. Fast food, sweets, and anything else I could stuff in to avoid the pain. So I will give myself a little break, I did make it through without causing any lasting effects to my body.

However, I'm still perplexed about my reaction and edgy about how I'm feeling about it today. I pray that I don't allow it to penetrate anymore into me and I can just let it go.

In my daily devotion this morning, in TWO PLACES, it said that we have trials in life, as tests, to see how we will react. We will do what Jesus would do, or will we do what we always do. Will you be the Christian who just "talks" about the right thing or "will you do it"? Geez, I have a long way to go. Because I feel like I failed this test.

I am going to give this to the Lord and let Him work out this problem. I am going to get my "JOY" back and I'm going to live this day in God's freedom and not be bound up with what the enemy wants to give me.

Did you fail your last test? If so, what did you learn?


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  1. I'm so there with you Joy!!! That is what I just posted all about too!! I swing so wide with my emotions sometimes. And sometimes I win, and sometimes I don't. I think the bigger problem is that if I do flub up, I allow that to bring on more flub ups. Ya know? But if I can walk away from it and say "Okay, I messed up. But I'm not going to allow that to become an excuse. I'm going to pick myself up and try again" then really, it's a success.