Saturday, June 12, 2010

Inching my Way...

The scale is happily stuck at 235 ~ I think I heard it snicker today! Weights not changing, but my body is!!!

My legs are looking good!! I used to have these fat pockets on the insides of my thighs and they are almost gone! My calves are shrinking and the back of my legs are looking a lot smoother, not so bumpy!! (I am really starting to like my new mirror! I find myself checking stuff out all the time!!!)

My arms are getting firmer, starting to lose the wings. And, I was able to sit in a restaurant booth and not have my boobs land on the table. I actually had room - so my stomach is going away!!

I also noticed I had to move a notch on my bra, because it's getting too big, and oh, my boobs actually fit in the cup! (Just the small things that make me happy!)

The best thing....My new pants I just bought, size 18 are getting too big!!

Yesterday, I went to the store because I needed to buy some shorts. They did not have an 18 in the store, whats up with that? Anyway, I decided to try on a size 16. Guess what. I got them up and they fit in the hips, but I could not zip them up - yet!!!

Size 16....I can't even tell you when I was a size 16. It's been years, let me think, well it would have to be at least 20 years ago!!! AMAZING!! I think I'm gonna make it!!

Still holding at 39 pounds ~ but determined!! Size 16 ~ HERE I COME!!!!

How are you doing? What's your next goal?



  1. This post makes me smile really big!! I remember these milestones and how good it felt. It keeps feeling good. Even better! Keep up the great work!!

  2. Awesome! It is always so great to realize you fit in a smaller size (former size 24 girl here now a 10!) Stupid scale. I hate mine too right now.

    My next goal is 100 lbs! at 96.2 total right now... 3.8 to go :-)