Thursday, June 3, 2010


Mirrors...Ack!! I used to hate them...could not look at myself...hated what I saw!

However, recently I've noticed that I've been catching glimpses of myself in mirrors and I am beginning to like what I see!!!

Starting to notice new definition in my face, well actually, a new face is emerging. I kind of don't look like myself anymore. There is a youthful, attractive face peeking out at me! So amazing! Kind of like looking at that new face!

Last night at the gym, my trainer had me laying on my side, looking at the mirror. We were doing some crazy exercises that involved stretchy jump ropes. Anyway, for the first time, I could look, at myself in a mirror, without being sick to my stomach. I actually looked curvy in the right places, no extra tummy flab hanging down and my arms & legs looked pretty amazing!!!

So guess what, I went to the store today and I purchased a full length mirror. This is a big step for me, as I have not had the courage to buy one or to look into one for years....I have to tell you that not having a full length mirror can be a problem. There have been days when I've run out of the house, not really knowing if I had all of the pertinent body parts covered. I'd be flying out the door with my bags in one hand and then I'd be feeling myself out with the other hand making sure I had clothes on. Geez so embarrassing!!! Now with my new mirror, I will be able to check myself out before something embarrassing happens!

New thing happen every day...what's happening to you?


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  1. What an amazing feeling. How fun that you are seeing the changes and liking it. That's so awesome.