Sunday, June 6, 2010

Relaxing Day

Have you ever felt like you were on a mission, you have so many plans and many things to do, so much so that you feel like you're running on empty?

That's how I've felt for a couple of days. So today, I decided that I was taking a day off, just for me. I woke up this morning, crawled out of bed and spent the entire day reading a wonderful book.

It's the fourth one of a series and I think it goes up to seven books, maybe more. It's an uplifting series about a women who is a lot like me. She goes to a women's prayer conference and meets 12 ladies. They experience a tragic incident together that binds these strangers together and transforms them into strong friends. Each book is chocked full of stories of the things that happen to real people, like you and me. It shows how, with God's help, the ladies and their families get through all the things that happen in real life ~ the good and the bad.

These books are interesting, eye opening and inspiring! They remind me of just how awesome God is and how He can restore any situation for His good. I have never laughed and cried like I've done with these books. They are thought provoking, attention grabbing and just plain fun! I just can't put them down!!

Check them out, the books are called The Yada Yada Prayer Group by Neta Jackson. Make sure to get book one and read them in order. There is a lot that goes on with the ladies and you don't want to miss a thing.

I feel filled up with joy and ready to tackle a new week with energy, excitement and success!!




  1. Oh, wow! I will get those books! My vision is poor, so I'm choosey about what I read these days, but this series sounds great. I love series! chuckle. I think it's from my Nancy Drew days.

    So glad you allowed yourself to refresh--and that you were enjoying an uplifting Christian read in the process. :D good job. Deb

  2. Sounds like great books. Woo Hoo that you got a day of rest.