Monday, June 28, 2010


I am finally feeling a little bit better! I have a lot more energy today ~ so happy!!

Looking back over the week, I realize that I have to get my calories under control. I am not consistent at all. I need to be around 1500 calories, not 1700. Joy did you hear that? 1500 that is the magic number!

I have been playing around with things and it's time to get serious!! I am so thankful that I've lost as much weight that I have so far, but I could be doing a lot better with a little more focus.

So today, I vow, that I am going for it!! I am going to get my calories under control, I am going to exercise daily and push myself to the next level!! I am going to get my water in. I am going to journal my food. I am going to do this!!

So tired of small time's OK if I have candy, I've lost 42 pounds ~ I deserve it. NO ~ IT'S NOT OK!!!!'s OK if I don't exercise today, cause I did it yesterday. NO ~ IT'S NOT OK!!!'s OK if I don't get my water in, or journal, or have just a little bit more.... NO ~ IT'S NOT OK!!!!

Not sure why I've given myself permission to sabotage my plan. That is not OK and I'm changing this today.

What about you? Do you give yourself permission to sabotage your plan? Make the choice today to move forward!!



  1. I absolutely give myself permission to sabotage myself. Especially in high stress situations. I'm working on refocusing, too!

  2. I love this post! Very motivational....thank you!