Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Scale

I am back from my break! Not only did I take a break from blogging, but I also took a break from the TV, radio, Internet (surfing), electronic games and THE SCALE!!!

I did this for many reasons, but mostly I did it to see what God wanted to show me during this time. First of all, He showed me that I spend WAAAAAYYY too much time with these things. So instead of doing what I always do, this past week I read a book, was out every night doing something fun, spent a lot of time with the Lord, went to the craft store, picked out some beads and made some book marks (this is sooo much fun, I think I've found a new hobby!!!) and I made myself wait to see what the scale says.

During my whole weight loss and fitness process, I have been obsessed with what it says. I waited each morning to see what kind of day I was going to have. Literally if I had a good weight in the morning, I would be a little more liberal with my food that day. If the scale told me that I gained, then I would ease up on my food and have a better food day.

Since I did not have the scale telling me daily what to do. I decided that I was just going to do what I'M SUPPOSED TO DO ~ EVERY...DAY!!! I journaled, I kept my calories at or under 1600 per day, I drank my water and I exercised! Then when I got on the scale yesterday, I got my reward ~ down 3 pounds. The scale reflected what I put into the week and was right where it's supposed to be.

So from now on, this is what I'm going to do. I'm not going to weigh in every day ~ just once a week. I'm going to journal, eat good food and keep the calories at 1600 per day, I'm going to drink my water and exercise. The rest is up to my body.

No more playing around with an electronic object, that literally gave me permission to mess around. No more messing around for me!!

How about you ~ do you let the scale mess with your head, your plan, your life? If so, make the decision today to choose your plan and not the scale!!



  1. I love this post! I weigh in once a week at my Weight Watchers meeting. It's just too easy for me to get all weirded out by the scale!

    Congratulations on an awesome week!

  2. First of all awesome job with all of this, especially the weight loss. I have done this a couple of weeks. I call myself a Scale Abuser LOL! It is very freeing to not be tied to the scale all week, that is for 100% sure.