Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August Challenge ~ Day 10

OK I'm doing a challenge this month and I totally forgot what I said I would do. I had to go back to my 8/1/10 post to figure out what all this challenge fuss is about....Geez if I only had a brain....And to think, I'm some kids' Mom!!!

OK here we go, this is what I need to get done during the month of August....

I need to lose 18 pounds by September 5th for our oldest sons wedding. I have been trying to achieve this goal since January 2010. (For a total weight loss of 60 pounds) Time is running out. I guess if I should not be focusing on the weight loss number, then I will just have to focus on my plan. And just do it ~ EVERYDAY......MAKE THIS THING HAPPEN!

Well, I am focusing on my plan. So far I've lost 2 pounds in 10 days....

On to more exciting news!

My trainer is helping me to learn how to run!!

Sounds so funny to say that, but I kind of forgot how to do it without hurting myself. In the past, if I wanted to run, I would just go out and start running....no warm up, no stretching, no plan. I would just get out there and go...oh for about 30 seconds and then I would be dead in my tracks ~ lungs, legs, shins and feet burning!!! I just did not know enough and was not in shape enough to do it without injuring myself. After an experience like that I would not get back to it. It's been years...I can't even remember the last time I tried.

So we are baby stepping into it. Today she had me stretch and then warm up for 5 minutes...then run for 30 seconds...then walk for 1 minute and as it goes. I was on the treadmill for 40 minutes, walked 29 minutes and ran 11 minutes using up 200 calories!

I have never ran for 11 minutes! Not ever ~ in my entire life! Granted the minutes were broken up, but I still ran them!!!

It was so much fun! I really wanted to go longer, well I did go 1 minute longer than she wanted...I was having too much fun and I just could not help myself!!

She told me that I could only do this 2 days this week, so my next shot at running will be on Thursday. Next week she will add more time.

The best thing about doing it this way, I did not experience any knee, feet or shin pain. No muscle aches at all. It was really enjoyable and fun!!!!

WHO KNEW!?!?!?!?

I think I just sprinted past a huge belief barrier. I never thought I could do what I did today. Amazing!!!

Have you achieved something you never thought you could do? Tell us about it!



  1. At my highest weight, I couldn't imagine hiking more than 8 miles, but I set that as a goal. As I lost weight, I easily reached and surpassed that goal. I've kept raising the bar and my goal is now 15 miles. I've done just over 13 a couple of time and believe I would've reached the 15 by now if we hadn't experienced this unprecedented heat wave this summer making it unbearable even in the highest elevations of the Smokies. I'll make that goal early in the fall and raise the bar again!! Who'd have ever thought???

  2. Joy that is totally awesome! Look at you runner girl! It's a great feeling of accomplishment. You can do it!

  3. That is awesome! You are totally going to be my inspiration to get to a level where I can run, and now that I am committed to a half, I HAVE to get there! Congrats!

  4. This sounds like a GREAT idea!! I've been trying to find a way to break into running myself, so I def might have to try this method. Be sure to keep us posted on how much time she ups you to each week!!