Thursday, August 19, 2010

Remind Me in Case I Slip...

Today I feel great! I can't even imagine why anybody would go through all the effort and trouble to get healthy & fit and lose weight, to end up gaining it all back.

If you've watched The Biggest Loser program you know that there are a few of the contestants who have lost a huge amount of weight and gained it all back. I just don't get that. Why would you allow that to happen? The only thing I can think of, is their journey is so quick, they have not had the time to learn the life lessons necessary to keep the weight off. Anyway, I would think if I were in their situation I would take a crash course on how to keep the weight off and maintain my weight for the rest of my life.

Anyway, my purpose of this post is not to talk about The Biggest Losers, but it's to talk about how great I feel....

Hear are some of the reasons why I don't ever want to go back....
  • My legs are lookin' good!!! I get to wear shorts and skirts - I just love the way my skirts swish as I walk. Makes me feel all happy!

  • My body doesn't keep jiggling after I've stopped moving. It's getting tight!! Got to love that!!

  • My arms are firming up, my wings are almost gone and my muscles are starting to flex when I move a little. TeeHee!

  • My skin feels great! I glow!

  • My knees and feet don't hurt!! I can climb stairs, walk, ride a bike, swim without feeling like I'm having a heart attack!! I have a lot more endurance!!

  • I can eat normal portions and feel completely full. Yes!

  • I can say no to sweets, cakes, chips, and DONUTS! Miracle!

  • I'm finally living life and having a blast! Had the best summer EVER!!!!

  • I'm no longer the fattest one wherever I go. Blessing!

  • I can shock my trainer with the things I can do. SO MUCH FUN!!!

  • I can shop at a regular clothes store!! My pocket book does not really like this....Oh well!

  • I can actually run with my grand daughter! She loves that!!!

  • I've changed my life so I can leave a different legacy for my family. One of health and fitness! That is probably the best gift, advantage, bonus, you could ever ask for!!

So in case I slip, please remind me of why I don't ever want to go back!!

Since starting your journey, what benefits have you experienced that have changed your life?



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  2. wow, i want some of that joy! what a motivating list! i'm thinking not even hypnotherapy could help me say no to sweets. i'd need a miracle, for sure.

    life-changing benefits: while my weight hasn't gone down on the scales lately, i am happy about the fact that i haven't once considered giving up. i never want to be complacent, or content with a second-best life. blogging has taught me that.

  3. Good for you - there is so much to celebrate in life and sometimes we just focus on the negative. It's so terrific to see someone embracing everything that's going good for them... and with this positive attitude it can only get better for you. Keep smiling!

  4. Keep this list handy!!!

    I've had my weight yo-yo a few times now. Actually, I recently posted about the last time I lost a significant amount of weight. At my highest I had gained 100 pounds since then. It is much easier to just stay active than it is to have to work at losing it all again. That's for sure!

    As I was running last weekend all I could think was "This. Is. The. Last. Time." - the last time I EVER want to have to work at getting into shape.

  5. What a wonderful "feel great now" list! So fun to read!

    You wrote: "Today I feel great! I can't even imagine why anybody would go through all the effort and trouble to get healthy & fit and lose weight, to end up gaining it all back."

    Um... I can.

    I did it three times, losing around 100 lbs, only to regain it and more back. Why??? Cuz it was a DIET, not a permanent way of life.

    I made EXTERNAL changes, not INTERNAL permanent changes.

    If the things you have done to lose the weight this time are internal, permanent changes, then you will NEVER KNOW the heartache, shame, disappointment with self and feelings of utter hopeless that comes with losing and then regaining it all back. I HOPE YOU NEVER FIND THIS OUT!!!

    For permanent changes,

  6. First, thanks for posting all the reasons you will never go back. I, too, love the feel of skirts and am looking forward to wearing them comfortably.

    There are many benefits to me of this journey:
    I was able to move through the passing of my father during the past 10 days without binging or eating unreasonably. No emotional eating for me! An incredible benefit of being on this journey. Also, because I have made such great strides to regularly exercise I was not tempted to skip it much during this period. Michele

  7. You should print that out and put it on your refrigerator. In fact, I might make my own list and put on mine!

  8. loretta is right, THAT IS WHY people gain their weight back...because they are waiting for the day when they can 'eat normal'. And then they gain it all back.
    I was never good at NOT EATING. so I never really lost weight prior...20 or 30 lbs tops, only to regain it and then some..because it was for external, not internal reasons.
    I understand you Joy.
    If I regained all the weight I lost...well, I won't. because I have learned one very important lesson. Normal is now.
    I have to eat now, like I am going to eat the rest of my life. now.
    Great post.
    keep your motivation.
    You can do this and enjoy every step of the way.

  9. losing what I have lost so far has been hard. This is not easy work. But, gaining the weight was easy. So, I can totally see how people gain it all back. Doing something hard is well, HARD! I love your list of reasons not to sit on your laurels. It is a great motivation!

  10. I've read these comments and think there are a few people being a little to hard on you about your comment "I can't imagine why anyone would lose weight and end up gaining it all back". Even though I've lost and gained and lost and gained, I understand why you would make that comment.

    When we're feeling the high of a weight loss success or met a goal we've been striving for, it IS hard to see how you would EVER let yourself gain it back. I've said it... or the "I'll never gain that weight back" version, many times. And if I lose and gain it back again, I'll probably say it again!!

  11. You are truly an inspiration. Keep up the good work!

  12. Are you reading my mind!? Am so happy for you and your success--keep it up! I'm not quite there as far as the legs looking good enough to do shorts, but they are getting some shape!
    My buddha belly is flattening and I have some curve to the side instead of blob! Isn't it just all so amazing! Feel so great! Oh, yeah, I slip every now and then, but not beating myself up! I too vow never to go back! Keep doing what you're doing and thanks for the inspiration!!!

  13. My theory is that 90% of being fat is mental. And if you don't take care of the "why I'm fat" portion, and just take care of the body'll eventually revert to your old ways, and put it all back on. I watch the show too, and I was aghast about the one winner gaining it all. Anyhow, I'm hoping I can get the why's sorted out along the way so that I don't end up going back, and I like the list you made. Its like a reminder or sorts, and I think I'll make one for myself. Keep going strong.

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