Sunday, August 15, 2010


I am perplexed by some stuff. Normal stuff and weight loss stuff. These are some things that I've noticed recently....
Normal Stuff...
  • I went to the mailbox this morning and found a letter from my friend....Why do people send stuff that says, "This is not a chain letter", but the assignment requires that I make copies of the letter and send it to my friends. Sounds like a chain letter to me.
  • How come I keep moving my sprinkler around and I keep missing the same spot?
  • I have two dogs ~ Bentley and Beemer. Why does Beemer lick the inside of Bentley's ear and Bentley licks the outside of Beemer's ears making them slimy and disgusting. It's so gross!

Weight Loss Stuff...

  • Why am I writing all of this stuff eating sugary cereal? It's within my calorie allotment, but I could have made a better choice!
  • Went to dinner with friends the other day and they did not mention anything about my weight loss. I've lost 45 pounds! People I see everyday notice and say things to me, but these people did not say a word!!! She talked about her weight I know the subject was not off limits. Made me question if I'm really doing this thing. Why do I let the actions of one person tell me something about myself, when there are MANY others who have encouraged me and told me they see a difference?
  • How come my weight on the scale has not changed much. BUT I'VE DROPPED A SIZE IN CLOTHES!!!! I AM NOW IN SIZE 14-16!!!!!!!!!!!Whoo Hoo, I just moved to size 18-20 recently and they are getting too big. I went to Lane Bryant and saw this great leather jacket (Picture above). Of course they did not have an 18-20, but they did have a 14-16, so I decided to try it on. It fit and I could zip it. It's a "little" snug, but it won't be long before it fits perfectly. I'm weird, but I always think this store is playing mind games with me and that I'm not really in a size 14-16. So I went to the Nordstrom Rack and YEP....I'm in a 14-16!!!! Can't believe it!!! Just don't get how inches do not show up on the scale. It is perplexing!!!

Anyway, I am very encouraged and feel so much better than I did the other day. Thank you to all who took the time to encourage me. I am truly grateful!!!

What do you find perplexing in your journey?



  1. Congrats on the drop in clothing size!! That is always exciting! And it's totally possible to not lose alot of lbs but to become smaller because you are losing fat and gaining muscle. Muscle takes up a lot less volume on the body than fat. Say if you lost 5 lbs of fat but gained 5 lbs of muscle, you'd still weigh the same but you would be smaller.
    Keep up the awesome work Joy! We all believe in you!!
    Hugs! :-)

  2. That is one hot jacket! I can't wait for Fall, personally. I really should make a cross-border shopping trip so that I can check out the US plus stores. ;)

    It is odd that your friends didn't say anything about your loss. I mean, I can understand not noticing 10, maybe even 20 pounds, but you must look like a whole new person. Maybe they didn't want to bring it up in case you were sensitive about it?!?! Anyway, keep up the great work!


  3. Congrats on the loss... Very cool...

  4. The measurements are more important than the scale. Congratulations!

  5. The inches are more important than the pounds. Keep up the great progress!!!

  6. The inches tell a lot more of the story. The scale doesn't take into account that you are retaining water, or that your muscle mass is increasing so you weigh more, etc. But inches, they tell the real story! :) CONGRATS!!! When do we get to see you? I know not everyone is comfortable putting pictures up, but I'd love to put a face with the name.

    Your friend who didn't notice, that has happened to me too, and I thought the exact same thing. I finally decided that they are too much in their own world (as most of us are) to notice. :)

  7. Don't let your friend get you down. Some people just don't recognize things in other people. Love the jacket. Congrats on the size drop. I cannot wait until I am that size!

  8. FABULOUS! Congratulations on the smaller size! Something similar happened to me. I was shopping, and thought I had a size 18 capris jeans, and tried them on. They were a tiny bit loose. When I looked at the tag, they were a size 16!!! WOW! I've had two abdominal surgeries (lap band insertion, then removal 9 weeks later), and I still have some swelling about my waist area, and the last time i bought jeans, i had to get an 18 because of the waist. I guess it's getting smaller!!! I need to drag out the measuring tape, I reckon! The same thing happens with me sometimes with friends. I'm down 50 lbs and while i still have a long way to go, i've come an awful long way. Makes you wonder, doesn't it, how someone doesn't notice. Oh well... the important thing is that YOU know you did it!!! Yay for you!!!