Thursday, August 5, 2010

August Challenge ~ Day 4, 5 & 6 ~ Getting Real

This is my getting real post!

Reality #1
There is absolutely not enough time in the day to do what I want and need to do....Prior to my new healthy lifestyle, I was very sedentary. The only thing I could do, and was really good at, was watching TV and playing video games. Now that I'm feeling so much better and have a ton of energy, the whole world has opened up to me and I want to do EVERYTHING....And the reality is, it's not possible. I really need to accept that. Because I am literally running myself ragged ~ having fun, experiencing new things, spending a ton of time in the gym and exercising, boating, dancing etc. Oh and I work full time, spend a ton of time with my precious hubby, kids and grand kids. Please know, I'm not complaining, I just have to face the facts, slow down, a bit, and take care of myself.

Reality #2
If you don't take care of your daily needs by getting enough rest, eating good and healthy foods, drinking water and exercising, you cannot succeed in this weight loss and fitness journey. I know, because I'm struggling to keep it together. I'm too tired or too stressed to make good food choices. So what happens? I opt for processed or quick foods or because I'm too tired, I want to consume sugar for an energy boost. Bad, bad thing for me!

Reality #3
When you are too tired or too stressed, you don't even know that you are not following your weight loss and fitness plan. You think you are, but not to your full capacity. Example....I'm going to the gym, working out at home, riding my bike etc. But I'm going through the motions. There are times that I don't even break a sweat. That's not working to the best of my ability.

Reality #4
When you are too tired or too stressed, you don't even know that you are not eating properly. I journal everything, but I still did not realize, until yesterday, that I've had waaaaay too many days in the past weeks where I've made poor choices. In my journal I see cake, cupcakes, candy, homemade hamburgers, potato salad etc. These are not the foods a serious healthy person would choose. Just too much junk!

It's time to get real, look at reality and quit fooling around.

There I said it!!!

I've been at this since January 2010 and I've lost 45 pounds. That's good, but it could be better.

I am so disappointed with myself, because I would be a lot further along if I would have come clean a long time ago and gotten myself on a true healthy plan and stayed on it!

I was reading someones blog the other day and the person mentioned that they've lost 80 pounds in 8 months. That could be me! I started this journey 8 months ago too and I've only lost 45 pounds. I don't mean "only" in a bad way, because I'm grateful to be here, believe me. It's just disappointing that I stalled my progress, because I don't want to get busy and do what I need to do.


Here are some of things where I fudge with calories.

Coffee with cream. I have about 2 to 3 cups per day. I just realized today that each cup of coffee has 70 calories of cream in it. That 210 calories that I don't even count in my daily allowance. So when my journal says that I had 1500 calories for the day, it should really say 1710 calories. Yikes!!!

OK, confession continues.....not only do I fudge with that...I don't count calories if I taste something, have juice (which is not too often), or I eat things and forget to count the calories etc. This behavior does not help me get to my goals!!!

The only thing that has saved me is I do tend to count high on my calories, so I have a little fudge room, which is good, I guess!

Anyway, I'm ready to go to the next level. It just seems crazy to me, to just go through the motions of this thing and not really put the effort in that it deserves. You get what you put into this deal! In my case, I've achieved a 45 pound weight loss instead of 80......Hummm!!


I'm ready for a 10 pound weight loss this month! I know this is not a race, this is a lifestyle, but I NEED to do a better job with this and get better results. I know in my heart, that I will appreciate the journey so much more if I give it a true effort on my part. I CAN DO THIS!!!

Have you checked your reality lately. Do might be surprised!!



  1. What a great post Joy. When things start going really well (ie. bigger losses) I tend to slack off a little and think I can cruise a little. Well, well, well....then I wonder why the scale doesn't move the following week. No wonder!
    Know what? I'm ready for a 10 pound loss this month, too. Let's pull up our socks and get to it!

  2. Great post Joy! It's so easy to let things slip when we're tired or don't make the time to get to the grocery store for theose fresh fruits and vegetables. You've motivated me to do better. Let's do this!!!

  3. I think it is great that you want more, but do not diminish the win of 45 lbs. That is fantastic. Perhaps enjoying your coffee and doing what you are doing now is living! Balance.


  4. The creamer in the coffee can be a doozie! But it's good that you're aware that it does have the extra calories now. I relate a lot to your realities. I don't do very well with stress and being tired either!

  5. This is a great post - in fact, your posts are always great! I also have a tendency to fudge on the calories. Mine is usually with not taking the time to weigh veggies. My mind tells me they don't have many calories anyway, so why take the time, but like with you and your cream, 40 extra calories per meal adds up to 120 which is significant when you're looking at a 1200 calorie meal plan becoming 1340.

    Thanks for a great wake-up call and thanks also, for deciding to become a follower of my blog. I love my followers and hope you always find something helpful when you visit.

  6. I think that having a goal is great, but please don't be dissapointed in yourself for losing smaller amounts of weight! I have done this journey at the rate of 4 pounds a month. I wish I could say it was faster, but it hasn't been, and about 98% of the time that is me couting every last thing that goes into my mouth and working out 5-6 days a week. All I know is that it doesn't matter how fast you get there, just that once you do you stay there :-)