Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August Challenge ~ Day 3

Well I did OK yesterday. I got my exercise in and journaled my food. Missed getting all my water and did not eat well. I was busy from sun up to sun down. Did not have time for dinner or rest! Yikes!

This morning I found that I lost all of the weekend weight ~ I was up 5 pounds. I have just two more pounds and I will hit my new low weight of 228! That's just 3 pounds away from my lowest Oregon weight of 225!! No one here has seen me this skinny!! I think I've said this about 4 times. I keep nudging toward this new low number and then I go backwards a couple of pounds....Very frustrating!

I would really love to lose 15 pounds by September 5th ~ Possible?

Here's some advise for the day.

Don't get yourself too tired, too hungry or too stressed....Make sure to take care of your daily needs, don't neglect yourself when it comes to what your body needs to get this weight off. Work hard every day to stay focused on your plan and your goals. Right now you don't need to reward yourself with anything ~ especially food or sweets.....just focus!!! Look at this journey as an assignment and get it done!! DON'T WAIVER!!! DON'T LOOK BACK, DON'T LOOK FORWARD, STAY IN THE MOMENT....DO EVERYTHING THAT NEEDS TO BE DONE and DON'T EVER, EVER, EVER GIVE UP ~ You got that Joy!

Did you need a little pep talk today ~ I sure did!!



  1. Staying in the moment...sounds like a good idea.

  2. Great job on the loss so far!
    How exciting that you are so close to a new low!!!
    Great advice, too - who couldn't use a pep talk? ((hugs))

  3. Thanks for you comment about the treadmill on my blog. I am on the hunt for a used one. I like your post today by the way. I am now a follower..

  4. That is a great pep talk - I should hire you to give me some! Way to go on losing the weekend weight. The rest will come off in no time -keep it up!!

  5. Great advice!!!


  6. Loved the pep talk! I'm still learning the "staying in the moment" thing.