Monday, August 9, 2010

August Challenge ~ Day 9 ~ It's a Miracle!!!!

Got some good news today.

But before I get to that. I want to tell you that I'm back on track!! Got my food, water and exercise under control today. Which is so awesome. I really feel a lot better when I'm doing my plan. I actually had a ton of energy today!!!

Now for my good news.

As you know I was gone over the weekend for my nieces wedding. I realize today, that I can't blame anyone, except myself, for not being prepared ~ food wise. I have to get it in my head that this is my responsibility. Anyway I did not plan well, ate out too many times, felt like I made bad choices and over ate. AND I HAD A HUGE PIECE OF WEDDING CAKE, NUTS, MINTS AND PUNCH!!!

It never ceases to amaze me that when I'm away from home, I forget that I'm working on a healthy lifestyle. Get me 10 miles from home and I lose my mind!!! Geez!!

Anyway last night I was disgusted with myself and really beat myself up all over the place.

Yeah, I did not have my regular healthy food, but I could have made better decisions on what I did eat.

Nuff said about all that.

Here's the good part.

On Friday, before I left I weighed in at 229.0.

This morning, dreading every minute, I jumped on the scale and it said.....



Only .6 gained?

Really this is the best Monday morning weigh in I've had since January. I always weigh in at least a pound heavier than I did on Friday. I almost never have a loss on Mondays, I'm always up and then during the week sometime I lose some pounds.

I am soooo excited!!!!

I guess I really am getting this. I did do a better job than I thought. Even all of my running around must have counted for some exercise. Who knew?

I am thrilled!!!

This weekend really gives me hope that when I do get this weight off. I can still live life. I can make mistakes and I don't get rewarded with a 20 pound weight gain. I may have a little penalty for bad behavior, but it does not end my program or my maintenance. I just get right back to it and keep going.

Whoo Hoo for me!!!

I think this is progress ~ What do you think?



  1. You go, girl!! I'm happy for you.

  2. I'm excited with you!!!! Way to go and enjoy being back on track! :)

  3. Joy!
    I definitely think it is progress. I actually (and I may be in the minority here) think it is important to allow yourself some treats during your journey to healthy living. If you do not you will feel deprived. I posted a few blogs ago about going to CA and eating my favorite fast food (In and Out Burger). I budgeted for it and enjoyed every bite! Michele

  4. glad it was a good weigh in considering. it isn't the little slips that kill's the long term neglect of healthy living that does us in.
    Have a great week.

  5. :D Yes, after we lose this weight, we can still live life. Actually, for me, there's no "still" about it.

    What I was doing when I was dragging 252 pounds around wasn't living--not really.

    So, yes--eating in a way that promotes health lets us live life NOW and it's going to just keep getting better.!

    Sounds like progress to me.