Monday, August 16, 2010

I Get It!

OK it's 1:11am and I can't sleep. Hate it when I can't sleep on Sunday nights, makes for a tough Monday.
Anyway here goes...
I've been at this since January and I have read a ton of blogs! I read things that I think are so silly and say to myself, "Oh, I'll never have an issue with that". I've said this on many occasions.
Well you know why I say things like that? It's because I have no idea what I'm talking about. Until you've experienced something, you can't imagine how it's going to effect you.
For instance....
I read so many blogs where people are afraid of getting rid of their big clothes. I used to say, "Just do it, what's the big deal"...Well here I am, I going to write about how hard it is to get rid of them.
I tried to do it today....But I got hung up on a couple of things.....This is what I was thinking....
OK it's about the money....they cost a lot and it would be foolish to give them away...REALLY????
OK then...they are really cute and I really like them. Not, they are too big!!
Well...OK then....It's really about my security...
I had no idea!!! I am AFRAID of getting rid of them, because I might need them. REALLY???? Where is my head? No dang it, I don't need them!!!
I decided to start the pile. Darn it, I have some pretty formal dresses, oh and the pant outfit I wore at my daughters wedding, a black leather coat, all my winter coats, all of my summer clothes have to go ~ they are hanging on me. I have to get rid of a pair of "Skinnier" jeans ~ I forgot to try them on and now they are too big! Bra & Undies to big, have to go - not giving them away - no way! Oh and I'm not afraid to get rid of this ~ the Granny Christmas sweater with the sequins and bells - has to go!!! I don't even care if it fits ~ it's out of here!
I'm going to be filling many bags. My new attitude - I GET to Bless someone else out there who REALLY needs them!!!
The other thing that I always thought was weird until it happened to me, is the size thing. You know where you get stuck on the size you used to be and when you are thinner you go to the store and go right back to your old size. I said, "That would never happen to me". Yep it did. I still can't wrap my mind around size 14-16. When I was shopping the other day, I actually would have this peaceful feeling come over me when I saw a 22 or 24 size. YIKES!!!
One more....I would be so frustrated when someone wrote that they were disappointed because they missed their goal by a few pounds. I could not get over why they could not celebrate the 70, 80 or 90+ pounds they had already lost and they were crying about 5, 10 or 15 pounds. OK I GET IT!!! I am about 15 pounds away from my goal and I'm not going to make it. I GET IT...I really do.....I'm disappointed......
So I guess the point of this is....I realize that I cannot judge anyone for how they feel or for what's going on with them, especially if I have not experienced it myself. Because this stuff is tough, it's real, and it's a process to work through and not an easy one at that.
So.....I'm celebrating that I've over come some things that are really tough. From now on, when I read something from someone who is further along in the journey, I will listen to their words of wisdom. Because I'm right behind them and I WILL experience what they are talking about. Instead of judging, I'm going to be learning new skills to help me when I get there!
Thank you to all of you who have pioneered the way for the rest of us. You are helping to make our journey a little easier....if we are willing to listen!
How about you...Have you ever judged anyone in their journey and then the same thing happened to you? (Hopefully I'm not the only one)


  1. Of course, I have! We all have and if we refuse to see it, we're only fooling ourselves. What's important is that we learn from it when things do become clear and then move past both the attitude and the issue itself. Great post!

  2. Congratulations for overcoming the insecurity about getting rid of your clothes!! Yes, that's one that I struggled with too. Even though I've lost 50 lb, surprisingly, it wasn't until very recently that I had to shop for clothes. When I got my summer things out, instead of packing away the winter things away, I packed them in a bag for Good Will. At the time I did it, I still had the lapband in. I knew that I was on my way and would never ever need those size 22s again! However, when I had to have the band removed, I experienced a few moments of anxiety thinking.. oh NO! I already gave away all those clothes!! So I had to give myself a good talkin' to, and remind me that just because I lost the band doesn't mean I will gain the weight back. I'm still struggling with 5-6 lbs that I gained immediately after removal, but so far so good, and I know I'll get there someday. My mom bought me some clothes for the "transition" time, and hopefully I'll be packing these up for GoodWill as well. I've gone from 22 to some 16s. But I do the same thing as you. I have a hard time imagining trying on smaller clothes. I think I'm loving it, though!!! Have a great Monday! CathyB

  3. Thanks for sharing this, Joy. As someone who is new-ish to this, it's a great reminder not to judge/speculate, but just appreciate everyone's experience and learn from it.

    The other day I got a phone call from a local charity that collects clothing donations. I said "Oh yes! of course I have some clothing to donate". Know what? It was easy to round up larger t-shirts and casual wear. As I got to more expensive and sentimental items, I really had a hard time putting them on the pile. I'm going to take a fresh approach today.
    Have a great (not too sleepy!) Monday.

  4. I learned a long time ago not to think that I'd never do something because it seemed like as soon as I had that thought, I was next in line to do it!!

  5. Totally not the only one!!!! I am not to the point where I can give my fat clothes away yet. I'll get there, but, I'm just not there yet. I'm going to box them all up, and after a year, I will donate them. Way to go girly!

  6. Well, I wouldn't exactly say "judged," but I have read some things and thought "doesn't apply to me" ... only to recall the posts later, when it did. LOL Joy, you are definitely NOT alone on that one! Great post ...

  7. I think you are perfectly normal for feeling a little apprehensive about giving your clothes away. I'm sure, in some ways, they are like a security blanket.

    You are not alone in judging others too. I can remember reading people say that they didn't have time to exercise and thinking they just didn't make time. Lately I've been so busy that thinking about making time even takes more time than I have. LOL! I guess you can't really understand completely unless you've walked the same mile.

  8. This was wonderful... I have a SAVE to re-read file... this just went there.


  9. I have NEVER been able to get rid of my "fat clothes." I've never actually thought about this before. I have always been scared I would need them again (and I have). I don't think I have had the confidence in myself to get rid of them. I think I might have had an epiphany.

  10. Oh how true it is. I gave my clothes away too. In fact. I do it one at a time now. I have a donation bag now. I just keep adding things that we don't need in the house along with clothes that are too big. It was so hard for me to get rid of the maternity stuff I had just in case God grew things back together. lol It was such an awesome feeling when I finally went through all of it again and realized that if I did ever get pregnant again, none of it would fit anyway. So, there was no point in keeping it. lol awesome blog post!

  11. Definitely not the only one! A wise person once told me that when we judge other people it's usually because of our own insecurities.

  12. great article. very inspiring and made us realize whats more important. thanks to you. keep writing beautiful articles.