Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blog Award

I just blog award from Sinn. Thank you so much ~ I really appreciate it!!

So the rules are:

1. Post who gave you this award

2. State 10 things you like

3. Give this award to 10 other bloggers and notify them with a comment

10 Things I like...
1.) I like to explore the world. Instead of wondering about something, I want to try it out. One time a friend and I were walking on the beach. We saw something that looked like salt. I wondered if it was salt and my friend bent down and took a taste and found out it was salt. I want to be more like her ~ instead of wondering ~ I want to find out!

2.) I like pushing myself to new limits. Not afraid, anymore, that I will hurt myself. I trust my body and now know when I've gone too far. The other thing is....If I do hurt myself, it does not give me a license to quit my plan. (That always happened before) Now if I get an injury, I will make the adjustments necessary and keep pushing on with my plan.

3.) Really like not being invisible anymore. I remember one time I had an arm injury, I was at the grocery store, trying to pack my groceries and lifting the heavy bags into the cart. I was in a lot of pain and really distressed and no one came to my aid. I tell you that if I see someone like that, I don't care who they are, I'm helping them!!!

4.) I like shopping at regular clothes stores. I used to shop at one specialty store to get my clothes. They had good quality and stylish clothes, but they were limited on selection. Now I have so many more options - kind of blows my mind!!!

5.) I like that I don't crave sweets like I used to. I remember I would get in this state of mind, where I actually felt like I lost my mind. I would be so hungry for sweets that I would do almost anything to get them. I used to sneak my sweets, stole sweets from my kids or co-workers (sorry!), and eat way too much of it. Not really even knowing that I was doing it. Then when I had enough, I would wake up and feel so guilty for what I had done. So glad I'm past that!

6.) I like how my muscles are starting to flex in my arms and legs with little effort ~ Things are definitely firming up!! I remember the first time I got into the pool for my water aerobics class. When the instructor had us jog in place, I remember that everything moved in a ripple. First my legs would jiggle, then my stomach, then my boobs and back down again. Augh ~ I hate that. I still have a little jiggling going on - but it's so much better!

7.) I love journaling my food. When things are not happening and I'm not seeing results, I always turn back to my journal. It tells all!!! I can check back to successful weeks to see what I was doing and then I can see where I need to make adjustments. This has been so helpful in getting me back on track. It really works!

8.) I love planning. Thank goodness I do. It would be hard for me to go on this journey without a lot of planning. I plan everything. I am even starting to plan my seasons. Did you ever wake up on Labor Day and say, "Where did the summer go ~ I've not done anything yet?" Well I have, many times. This year I decided that I was going to do a summer bucket list of things I wanted to do this summer. I did not want to waste a minute. I had 15 things on my list. So far I got 12 done. One of the items, I was too late in signing up and missed the opportunity - did not know there was a deadline. One I will get done in October (It involved another couple and that is when they can go) and one I still have time to do. We had a BLAST this summer and did everything we wanted to do and then some!

9.) I like looking at myself in the mirror. Used to HATE IT!!!! Now I'm not afraid to look. Most times I can't believe it's me!! I look different!

10.) I love accountability!!! I am grateful for you my friends!!! I am encouraged daily by reading what you are doing. I learn a lot from you! I am also grateful for your encouragement and love. I really appreciate you!!!

Blogger Award Given To.......

1.) Deliberate Life
2.) Believe In Yourself

Oops I had more than I was supposed to!! I want to give you all an award. Just can't list everyone!!! Please accept this award from me!!!



  1. Congratulations on the award! :-)

  2. Joy,
    Thanks for the nominations of this award. I loved reading about the things you like doing. I, too, really like planning. Without it I would not be successful in this journey. I think many of us our with you when you write how you are pushing yourself to your limits. too. Stay strong, Michele

  3. Ty for the award. I will pass it on this week. Again TY.

  4. Congratulations Joy! I really enjoyed reading your 10 things. You have come so far and have inspired so many of us. We appreciate YOU. <3
    Thanks for sharing this award with me.

  5. Thank you so much, Joy! You are so sweet. Thank you for always thinking of me and being so kind.

  6. Thanks Joy....I will have to do this sometimes next week but I trully appreciate it. You have done so well and come so far. Great things have happened for you.
    I like that my arm jello is going away too!