Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Watching the Skinny Mini's

Yesterday was my work's company outing. We left the office at 11:30am, boarded the train to the baseball stadium. We got to watch the Portland Beavers play the Albuquerque Isotopes to which we sadly lost by a couple of runs. (Can't remember the true score - I'm a girl - what do you expect?)

It was an awesome event! There were just 10 of us in our own suite, field level, located right by the home plate. We were so close to the players we could talk to them. Pretty cool.

Oh did I mention it was almost 100 degrees? Fortunately our suite was 1/2 covered and had a ceiling fan which helped a lot!

Food was catered and there was plenty of it. We were supposed to have 18 people, but ended up with only 10, so there was a lot of food ~ Hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, chips, peanuts, popcorn, cookies, water, soda and beer.

It was so interesting watching this group of people decide what to eat. You see they are all "Skinny Mini's".

I thought ahead and was prepared before I went to the game. I had oatmeal in the morning, 24 oz of water, a breakfast bar and yogurt prior to leaving for the game. When I got to the game, I was just starting to get hungry.

When we got there the food was not out yet, they just had the popcorn, peanuts, chips and dip out. So I watched as this group made their way to the food. First things first, was the beer!!! Most everyone had one. Then they pretty much devoured the chips and dip. I was curious as to why they did not hit the popcorn and tasted a couple. And then I found out - TOO SALTY!! OK it's almost 100 degrees, I guess a "Skinny Mini" does not choose that kind of salty thing when it's too hot. In my unhealthy days I would have gone for it. I love popcorn!!

We had the choice to wait until the game started before the food would be served. And the "Skinny's" decided they wanted the food right away! In my old days I would have preferred to eat up all the crap first and then have lunch. Nope, they wanted their food ~ NOW!

Once the food was out it was interesting to see what they chose to eat. We had 8 burgers, 8 hot dogs and 8 chicken breasts. You guessed it, they chose the chicken. I had already decided that's was what I was going to have. But before I prepared mine, I was checking out my friends plate to see what she did. She's a "Skinny". She had a chicken patty with lettuce and tomato only - no bun, oh I forgot we also had potato salad, and she had a small scoop of salad.

So I decided that's what I was going to do. Except I had to have a little bread, so I took the bottom half of a bun, then had the chicken with lots of lettuce and tomato's. I too chose a small dollop of salad, a couple of chips and water.

Because of the heat, I figured everyone would scarf down the beer and soda. Nope, we spent more money on water then any other beverage. I guess "Skinny's" know how to take care of their bodies in extreme heat. In my old days I would have opted for soda, NOT - I probably would have had the beer!

Finally at the 7th inning, they brought in a "HUGE" plate of cookies. The server said their were 3 cookies for each person. To my surprise each person only took 1 cookie.

When it was all over, we left a huge amount of popcorn, peanuts, cookies, almost all of the hamburgers, some hot dogs and most of the cookies uneaten.

If ever there were ever a time to over eat, this would be it, but the "Skinny's" just did not do it. That amazes me!

After the game was over, everybody headed for the elevators. Our group decided that we were not going to wait and headed for the stairs. My first thought was of shear dread and horror!! A number of years ago, when I was really unhealthy, I went to San Francisco with some of the same people from our group. We decided not to rent cars, so we did a lot of walking. One night we went to a ball game (I guess we like baseball) and after the game we were trying to find our way back to the hotel, on foot. Of course we got lost. We walked and walked and finally I had to ask them to call me a cab. I could not make it. We probably only walked a couple of miles, but I was so fatigued and sore I could not take another step - so embarrassing!!!

Anyway, I simply faced the stairs like they were nothing. Of course this group did not just merely walk the stairs, it was a race to the top. Well I joined in like it was not problem at all. And you no what? It was no problem. I made it up 5 flights without even breathing hard!!!

After we got to the top, my friend said, "Well look at you!!!". And I said, "Yeah, LOOK AT ME!!!! Wow it felt great!!

So I made it through a big event. Made some good pre-event choices. Selected the best food that was available and limited everything. I was totally satisfied and did not feel deprived one second.

This morning, I thought I would have a gain, since some of the things I ate yesterday tasted really salty to me. Nope, I was down a pound. Praise God!!!

How do you handle events like this?



  1. I am SOOO proud of you! Not only did you prepare yourself for what you knew would be a challenging social event, you learned from it by watching the "skinnies". LOVE it!! And way to go on the stairs, how empowering that must have been!!!

  2. Good for you. Sometimes, I watch the 'naturally thin' people at the office too. I want to see how my eating stacks up. Sometimes it is surprising.

  3. I learn a lot from watching my toddler like that. Its amazing, and I only hope to adopt these behaviors and not have to give them a second thought down the road.
    Great job on preparation!

  4. You did amazing and climbing all those stairs WOW...

  5. What a great event. There is a lot to learn from the skinny mini's! :0)

  6. I'm so proud of you Joy! You did amazing with your food choices and your stair climbing! Those times are never easy, hard choices, and you made the right ones! Keep up the great work! Sending you a big hug right now! :-)

  7. great job, and it will only get better from here. Last year I went to a cookie thing for girl scouts...prior to my wieght loss I would have been one of the bigger ones in the room...at that point I was in the top 20 percent of thin people and I was still in the 200's. Now I am 150 or so and I will probably be in the top 2....If i remember correctly.
    That is going to be awesome.
    keep up the great work Joy!