Monday, August 23, 2010

An Ordinary Thing

The other day I was doing my usual chores. Of which I am delighted to do, every week, without fail. Laundry is the best of the chores, because you can always count on having something to do. Ahem....

Anyway, I gathered up my wash day load of laundry. I usually take a large towel and put everything on it, gather up the corners and lug it down the stairs. There are only two of us, so I usually don't have tons to do, But this day the load was quite large and heavy. So I gathered it up in the towel and started walking toward the stairs.

As I'm holding the laundry in front of me, it reminded me that my stomach used to be big, really big! It hung out there quite a ways. Not as big as all of this laundry stuffed into the towel, but it was pretty big!

I remembered how hard it was to move that big ole stomach around, especially while laying down. If I was on my side and wanted to move to my other side, it was like half of my body started to roll and then I had to pull my stomach over to get it to the other side. UGH!!!

As I picked the laundry up, I actually yelled out an umph, as it was big, heavy and awkward. I wondered how much it weighed. So I lugged it back to the bathroom and got on the scale. I was thinking it probably weighed 50 pounds or more. It was heavy!

When the digital numbers finally appeared, I could not believe how much this load of laundry weighed, so I jumped off the scale and tried again.

Do you know that it only weighed 20 pounds. This huge load felt like it weighed twice as much and it was really awkward to drag around.

To think, I've lost 2 of those loads and I have 4+ loads to go!

It took an ordinary thing to show me how big, awkward and heavy this fat is to lug around. I really needed to see what 20 pounds of something looks like. I am glad to be rid of the 46 pounds I lost so far.

Now I have a weekly reminder of how cumbersome, awkward and heavy extra weight is and a great reminder that fat is hard on the body and not easy to carry around.

I'm glad I've made the decision to get fit and lose this weight. How about you?



  1. What a great way to visualize what 20 pounds of excess fat can feel like. I think it's fantastic that you got on the scale with that load! A few months back I noticed that my dog weighs about 10 pounds, so I started announcing to my husband "I lost another Tito!". ha ha
    Have a great day!

  2. It's amazing how light we can feel after the loss of even a few pounds. I can't wait to feel more flexible and have an easier time moving around. I don't think I have realized how many activities, that I once enjoyed, have gone by the wayside, because of my weight. This journey is worth it, because when we get to where we want to be, our bodies will be filled with energy and life. I can't wait!

  3. GREAT VISUAL. yes, I was thinking about doing a hundred pound ruck march but decided against it since I didn't want to put my back out. lol.

  4. That's an awesome reminder of the weight you used to carry around. Congratulations on how much you've lost!!


  5. Such a wonderful analogy. I always feel that the laundry baskets weigh a ton. It is nice to think that I have dropped a few loads of laundry!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. It is amazing. I had a similar reminder last week as I was carrying my son (31 pounds) back 2 blocks from the park. I just about died, and thought.. I carried around over 3 times this much every single day.

  7. Funny you should mention that...I was getting laundry out of the dryer over the weekend and was holding out in front of me thinking that my belly used to stick out that far.

  8. that's so cool - what a great reminder! bet that will put a bit of pep in your laundry-lugging step!

    thanks for your lovely msg on my blog, and thanks for the challenge! in the last week i've been to two restaurants, a zumba class and a bellydancing class, and the scales are going down... ooh yeah!

  9. I love that analogy! Thinking like that will continue to motivate you towards your goal!

  10. Now every time you do laundry, you get that positive reminder... how cool!