Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 57 - 7 Month Focus

If my math is right, in 36 hours,  I will be running a 5k for the first time ever! I will be running with my daughter, Margene and her friends. I cannot wait!!!!

Again I've allowed stress to set me back this week. I just wish I would not go there, but I do! Anyone else do that? For me, stress really kills my weight loss and fitness journey. I turn so inward, that I can't see what I'm supposed to do. And when I get like this EVERYTHING affects me. I get so offended and hurt and fuss over such silly things in life. Frustration comes in and it stalls everything.

Yet I do nothing to eliminate the stress in my life. Well one thing I do is read and sleep. But I'm sure there are other great ways to combat stress....

Do you have any ideas?

Stats from yesterday.

Exercise: 30 minutes treadmill
Steps: 7486 (Geez, if I would have plugged in my Bugg and checked, I would have realized how close I was to my 10,000 step goal and I would have got this goal done.
Calories: 1905 - Same thing....I need to be more focused on what's happening!
Food Tracking: Done
Water: 100+ oz
Blog: Done

I know the uncertainty of the 5k has been on my mind. So thankful that I actually took the time last weekend and ran one, so I know I can do it. I just need to get an official race under my belt.

Keep up the great work my Friends and stay focused!!!!


  1. Can't wait to read your 5k recap :)

  2. You will be FAB tomorrow! When I finished my first 5K, I cried. LOL sounds so silly, but I was so proud, I was overwhelmed.
    Have FUN - enjoy the movement and justGo for it!

  3. Stress can be a killer. Brent has been struggling with it for years. Getting good sleep, exercise, meditation, are all things I've read that help. I think sometimes it's an ongoing battle that we just have to fight off and endure when we feel it most. I'd like to think that stress is really an illusion... because through Christ, everything is already good, right? I will keep you in my prayers, Joy.

    You will do fabulous tomorrow! We need to meet somewhere and I've got a T-shirt for ya. You and me both will get our first 5k race under our belts! Maybe then we'll "run" the Cat Walk? ;)


  4. Hi, haven't read your blog in a while, so happy to see that you've got past halfway. Great, isn't it! Good luck with the 5k. As for stress eating, I think most people do it to some degree.