Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 67 - 7 Month Focus

Yesterday I went to the gym and I wore this t-shirt I just got. As I took it off and threw it in the locker, I was amazed at how little fabric there was to this shirt. I mean this thing weigh oz's verses the large sized (3x) shirts I used to wear. Those things weighed a ton! Now when I pack to go on a trip, my hubby and I can share a suitcase. All my stuff fits. No more yards and yards of fabric. Kind of fun.

Just another reason why this journey is so fun and worth the effort. Every day I see new things and experience stuff that I forgot about.

In my stability ball class last night, the teacher was talking about these push ups that we were going to do. There were 4 levels. She said, level 1 & 2 are really easy, level 3 is a lot harder and then level 4 is almost impossible. Well she had us do level 1 & 2 first and then she had us do something else. I guess we needed to let the muscles recover from level 1 & 2. Then we got back to level 3. It was hard, but very doable. So then she had us do level 4. I had forgotten what she said about level 4. Remember, she said it was almost impossible. So anyway, I do what she asks and I hear her shout, "Look at that form!!" She was yelling at me. I guess I hit it. Really with no problem! She said, "You trainer is really working you. You are very strong." Isn't that cool?

I guess I'm telling you this because if I would have remembered that this was "Almost Impossible" to do, I would have believed her. She's the professional, she knows what she knows about her work. If she tells me it's impossible then I would believe it. After hearing that, I might have tried to do it, but would not have pushed a little harder to make sure I got it done. I would have failed.

I had a physical therapist tell me I would "never" do something....and here I am today, doing exactly what he said I would never do and that is run and row boats. I can do both of these and can do it without injury to my body.

So my point is, don't let anyone ever.....ever.....EVER tell you, you can't do something (unless it's illegal or immoral - then don't do these thing!) But if it's something about your health and weight loss, you do what you know you CAN do!! You push through. You prove them wrong. You make stuff happen.

I'm not going to limit myself anymore. I am going to try things and if I really like them, then I'm going to keep on trying until I get it. Nothings stopping me!!

How about you....Do you listen to the Neigh Sayers or do you get what you want done?

Stats from yesterday...
Exercise: 35 minutes Treadmill & 55 minutes Stability Ball Class
Steps: 5734
Calories: 1827
Food Tracking: Done
Water: Done
Blog: Done

Keep focused

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  1. I'm ready to see some new pictures, I bet you have changed a lot!