Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 68 - 7 Month Focus



Yesterday I got a text from my daughter. I don't have my phone with me, but it went something like. Mom....get your steps in!!! I'm sure there were other lovely things added, but that's what I heard and I'm sure that's what she wanted me to hear! GET IT DONE!!! (My daily goal is to take 10,000 steps)

True confession!?! I've just been putting in my time! And sadly not getting the results I want. What do they say....Don't do the same thing over and over and expect different results. In order for me to get difference results I have to do things differently. I can't just be putting in my time. I have to maximize everything!!!

What do I  mean? Here's a perfect example.

Exercise ~ On June 3rd I put in 40 minutes on the treadmill and got 1416 steps in and burned 200 calories. And then doing just regular stuff during the day, I logged in 6931 steps for the whole day!!

This morning I put in 40 minutes on the treadmill, ran and walked from 3.5 speed to 5, burned 310 calories and got in 5599 steps!!! That's maximizing my time on the treadmill!!!

I almost have as many steps in this morning as I did the whole day on June 3rd. Exercise MAXIMIZED!!!

That takes a whole load off of me knowing I have that many steps in  already. I know I will make my 10,000 step goal today!! Last night, when I checked I was at 6400 steps. This was at 8:30pm. Do you know how depressing that was? Instead of visiting with my hubby or doing something fun. I had to walk. Sad thing is, if I would have done a better job with maximizing my workout for the day I could have been enjoying myself instead of doing exercise that late at night.

Food ~ Yesterday I went to lunch with a friend. I did not know where we were going and ended up going to a "healthy" Mexican restaurant. I ordered one taco and had some chips and guacamole. I know not the best choices. I thought I would come in around 500 calories. Nope I came in at 800 calories. Still doable, but that meant I was hungry most of the day, because I did not have any calories left to eat anything more. I did not make the best choice. I could have maximized my calories and maybe had one taco only and then I could have had some fruit or veggies or other healthier choices. I need to maximize my food!

Time ~ While making my breakfast, I can jog around the house while I wait for the water to boil. I can jog while I'm waiting for the water to heat up for my shower. I can pick up stuff around the house while I'm jogging. I can go up and down the stairs ~ and get one item at a time, I can chose to run instead of walk. I need to maximize my time!!!

Stats from yesterday...
Exercise: Walk and jogged (over an hour)
Steps: 10300 (Thank you for the encouragement my sweet daughter)
Calories: 1846 (Oh yeah, I need to maximize here for sure)
Food Tracking: Done
Water: Done
Blog: Done

How about you....Are you ready to MAXIMIZE?
Keep focused!


  1. Very good point! I hate when I feel like I wasted a morning - no matter what it was on. Summer is so easy to be distracted and skip the workouts... but that doesn't help us maximize resluts.

  2. ROCK ON GIRL! Maximize is exactly what I need to do!!!! Keep going! Keep going!!!! You are doing AWESOME!
    Have a PRETTY day! I am off to get on the treadmill right now!

  3. Yes, and definitely doing that with exercise.

    Stay determined, Joy!

  4. Great job Joy. it's better to let it all out there than drag along. Have a great week!