Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 78 - 7 Month Focus

In my 4.5 mile bubble between work and home I have noticed there is a lot of activity going on every day. Lately it seems, there are more and more people out and about moving their bodies and getting fit!

In just one day I saw people roller blading, skate boarding, riding bikes, running, walking, riding scooters and this guy was riding a scooter that had a large wheel in front and a small wheel in the back and he pushed himself along. I saw him everywhere! Also I saw kids playing in their yard, in the streets, and in parks. Even saw a lemonade stand where I was finally able to Bless some little kid and I bought a lemonade for $10.00. She was thrilled!

It's so awesome seeing very fit people as well as those just starting their journey. You know who they are. I love watching them and I pray for the Lord to increase their desire to get fit.

Hope you are doing your part and you are getting fit. Are you moving your body!!

Keep focused!


  1. You sound like me - can't resist a little one and lemonade! ;) I love seeing so many active people too - around our area, we have a lot of seniors and I am THRILLED to see some of them walking despite needing canes or walkers or some that walk to slowly, you'd wonder if it's worth it, but it's SO cool to see!

  2. I love seeing people outside :)

  3. One of my life rules is to stop and every lemonade stand I find in my daily journey. Those kids are always so cute! I, too, notice how many people are outdoors and doing stuff. Summer!