Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 63 - 64 ~ 7 Month Focus

Well I'm back! Went to our oldest sons college graduation. So proud of him!! We had a great time visiting with him and his wife and other family members. We did a lot of walking.....they have a lot of stairs there. Seemed we were always climbing them! Anyway, I did fairly well with my food, but did not do any real exercise. I did take my workout clothes, but we were too busy with the festivities and visiting. I tried to make good and healthy food choices, but obviously I did not do the greatest as I'm up 2 pounds again. I think I've lost this same 2 pounds 10 times!

Kind of frustrating as I just come up shy to my lowest weight ever, just miss it by 2 oz or so and then I gain back this 2 pounds. This week, I want to hit the 210 mark ~ my new low number. That's my focused!!!!


How about you? What's your goal this week?

Keep focused!


  1. I really want to post a loss, too this week. I know exactly what you mean: my weight has fluctuated by 2-3 pounds for 5 months. I worked really hard last week and this week am on a good roll: so hopefully a loss. I am also hoping to climb some stairs this week. The fact that you did a lot of stair climbing was exercise, Joy! Congratulations on your son's graduation!

  2. Girl,
    I feel your pain. It seems like I get to some new low point and bounce up and down over & over. It can get sooooo frustrating.

    You've got what it takes to break through, and you will!