Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 58 & 59 - 7 Month Focus

Hello!! Back to the living! Yesterday I spent the entire day in bed with a chest cold and a slight fever. I read and slept (on and off) all day. Truth be known, I think not only did I have a small cold, but I was also recovering from the 5k run the day before. I have to say that today I feel pretty amazing. Body feels good, except my left foot is still smarting a little from the run and  the coughing and chest pain is not as bad as yesterday. Stress level is really low!!! Ah relief.

Well our Margene is an amazing firecracker!! My daughter and I met up with Margene and her family & friends on Saturday for the 5k. 

That's me, 3rd from the left and Margene and her son are on the right. It was a gorgeous Saturday, temperature in the 80's. There were tons of people there, most of them in costume. So fun to watch!!

Unfortunately I did have to walk a couple of times during the race. One thing I did not count on were the hills. In fact, right at the starting gate, it was uphill quite a distance. I made it though for quite a while and then I had to walk. I was a little disappointed that I could not run the whole thing.

Lessons learned....know your course, train for the course, train in all types of weather and for heavens sakes, make sure you have the right kind of music on. I selected an 80's mix on my iPhone. All the songs of that day were about death & dying and hell. Even as I was running along the route, I saw several chalk outlines of bodies with x'd out eyes along the course. (Who does this stuff?) Anyway, not funny when you are trying to kill yourself by running!!

Anyway I made it. I still came in at 52 minutes. One minute longer than my last 5k, probably because we could not move very fast in the beginning because there were so many people. Anyway, I am pleased.

See my happy face!!

Oh also have to report, that my daughter did amazing. She came in at 36 minutes. I would love to get in shape enough to keep up with her. That would be amazing.

How about you...are you stretching yourself?

Keep focused!


  1. Congratulations on finishing. I'm proud of you!

  2. I just got through commenting to Margene that I would have given anything to have been there cheering you guys on! You're both beautiful and did an amazing job! I'm glad you're feeling better my friend!

    Love and hugs

  3. Awesome job! It must have been really inspirational and a lot of fun to have some of your family there - I usually do races alone and I'd love to have folks there cheering me on!

  4. great job joy! yeah you! love that you met up with another blogger..too cool. stay focused.

  5. You totally ROCKED Joy! With all those uphill angles and how crowded it was and everything else thrown in... you kicked it girl!!

    I saw those chalk figured on the road too, like someone had died... maybe an early runner! lol It was fun giving some of those kids on the parade route high fives! It was a hard run for me. You inspire me, girl. You are strong!!

    Thanks SOOO much for participating with me. It meant so much to me. I enjoyed meeting you beautiful daughter too.

    You are FABULOUS!!