Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 73 to 77 - 7 Month Focus

Well it's been a while!! I am still having trouble with my computer. I had my IT guy check it out last week and it looks like it still is having problems. I can't do most of the things I want and I'm still having trouble leaving comments on blogs.  Don't be surprised if I'm gone again this week, I may have to send the computer back to the shop. It's been frustrating, first of all because it's brand new ~ it should be working. And then it's frustrating because it has knocked me off of my plans for my 7 Month Focus Challenge. I need my computer to blog and track my calories & steps on the Bodybugg system. I can write on my blog ~ sometimes, but can't comment on other blogs and I can enter my calories into the Bodybugg ~ sometimes, but can't get my steps information. So weird!

In spite of it all, I have not let it throw me off of what I CAN do. So even though I've had a blip of problems and frustration, I still pressed on with my health and fitness plan!

Recap of the week.....

Monday, as I was praying to the Lord about my 7 Month Focus Challenge, I got the notion that...OK really, He whooped me up one side of my head.....I almost heard from him audibly say to me..."Are you ready to give your plan to me?"


I thought I had....But in reality, I've been doing this whole thing on my own power and you know what? I'm just not strong enough to do this on my own.

So I prayed and let the Lord know that I'm ready to give it to Him and see what He can do....Funny huh? Me challenging the Lord. Don't strike me down Lord!

So anyway, Monday, June 20th was my turning point day. I surrendered my plan to the Lord and I really put my faith in Him (Never have I been able to really release things to Him. I can totally believe and have faith that the Lord will do something for you, but for me......I have my doubts. Never really understood that I was doing this until now) Anyway...So I prayed and told the Lord that whatever happens, whatever the scale says, whatever He decides for me, I was going to give Him praise for it. No matter what! I also told Him that I was ready to hear, ready to change and ready to do what I needed to do to get this done.


No matter what....I will do what I need to do!!!

Anyway, He's been sending little messengers to me to speak truth into my heart about this journey. First my daughter paid me a visit last week and she gently and with love, kicked my behind and told me that I needed to up my exercise, that 30 minutes of cardio a day is just not enough. Humph!

Then last Monday, I got a butt spanking, with love, from my trainer who told me my calories were too high. Humph...humph!!!! She then proceeded to kill me in the gym :-)

Tuesday, I spent a lot of time mulling over what I had heard and had a pretty OK day. I had decided to "REALLY" track "EVERYTHING" that I put into my mouth. Including coffee creamer. Do you know that I've not been tracking these calories? Like the 60 calories of creamer I put into my coffee did not really count. Huh!?! They count! Not only do they count, but I would have sometimes up to 4 cups per day. That's 240 extra calories not added to my calorie count. So when I said, I logged in 1800 calories in a day, which is way too high for me anyway, it really meant 2040 calories for the day. (If I did my math right)

Ouch, just the realization of that kills me. No wonder I'm not making progress. I even reread some of my food labels. I thought my peanut butter was 71 calories for 2 tablespoons. Not!!! Try 290 calories...Where is my head?....Sometimes I wonder!!!

So with that said, I charted every calories that went into my mouth. No I did not get down to the 1400 - 1500 calories my trainer wanted. But I did have ~ 1 day at 1500 calories, 2 days at 1600 calories, 1 day at 1700 calories and 2 days at 1900 calories. Still not the greatest, but at least I got ALL of the calories accounted for.

Not only did I get back to my calories counting, but on Tuesday, I also upped my exercise by doing a 5k (run/walk) and water aerobics that day.

Wednesday, well Wednesday was a tough day. Lets just say, I had a full blown tizzy, an almost throw myself onto the ground fit, laced with a few choice words and a whole bunch of crying. You see, I was sooooo MAD that I had to make a change in my food. That I have to have less. That I can't have what I want. It REALLY MADE ME MAD! The other things is, Wednesday, per my trainers request, was another weight and cardio day. I have to tell you that I did not want to do it. I did not want to keep on the journey, I did not want to limit myself. I just wanted to throw myself onto the floor for a good old fashioned temper tantrum!!

But instead, I went to work in my home gym. I did my workout, crying through most of the hour and a half workout. Finally at the end I was laughing because I could no longer tell what was tears or sweat. I was a mess. I really did not want to do my weights & cardio. I did not want to do it. I hated it the whole time ~ But...I DID IT!!! 

As a reward we got to go out on our boat that day. First day out this summer and I have to say, that it's the first time in our whole boating experience (over 10 years) that I did not feel like a big ole fat whale. I felt really cute in my new bathing suit and cover up. I was able to get up on the surf board and surf on my first try. I felt really confident and strong ~ I had a blast!!

So doing what I have to do, for this journey, is paying off!!

Thursday, Friday and Saturday were great days. I did a lot! I exercised every day ~ getting in another weight day and a 5k. My trainer will really be pleased. Can't wait to see her tomorrow!! You know the best thing about seeing her tomorrow is ~ I'm not coming in with excuses. Nope, I get to go in there proud of what me and the Lord (cuz I have to give Him the credit) did this past week. It was an awesome week! I did everything she asked me to do with exercise and I'm doing a lot better with the calories. I know she will be pleased!!

So anyway, even with the frustrations with my computer and life stuff, and the new realizations that I have been neglectful in letting the Lord have my plan, and the busyness of life ~ I got done, what I needed to get done. I had a great week. I had a  lot of success!!

Last Monday I logged in at 214.8 pounds and today I'm at 210.4. So even with my calories as high as they were, I still lost. Next week. I'm shooting for 1500-1600's calories per day. I CAN DO IT!!

So Friends, how are you? Are you working your plan ~ Are you making stuff happen?

Keep focused!


  1. AWESOME loss woman!!! Way to come back from adversity.
    I love how you gave it to the Lord. I am still learning to do that and I think I keep taking it back from Him. It's developing that Faith (that I need to do) that and trust His timing.

    Way to go in bringing in your calories and running a couple 5K's! I can't wait to see you on the 4th. We'll have to meet somewhere.

    Sorry about your computer issues but I'm excited for how you've kicked butt this weekend. Pushing through that adversity really makes you stronger. And you are strong!


  2. It sounds like you're getting back on track, Joy. Yes, you (we) can do it! I'm recovering from my injury, but have a few weeks to go before I can get back to exercise. Neverthless, my food is back on track! Stuff is happening!

  3. My first thought as I began to read this was "Give it to the Lord, and He will give it back to you." What you get back will be a beautiful thing. Just wait you'll get it.

    As I read further, I wished you'd been at church with me this morning. Our lesson was on suffering and glory, and how suffering brings glory. That is what your Wednesday through Friday sounded like to me. You hit the bottom on Wednesday but reapt glory later. Go read I Peter 4. It can explain it better than I can!

  4. Looks like you are on quiet a journey. I have a similar blog on weight loss, follow me!

  5. Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight." Proverbs 3:5-6
    This verse has spoken to me so many times when I have a hissy fit. Or get myself in a tizzy! I cant see the bigger picture, and He can! He is in control! So many times I want to be in control.

  6. You are awesome :) You are doing this!!! Hope the computer is fixed soon!