Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 60 - 7 Month Focus

My trainer killed me last night. After running in the 5k on Saturday and being sore from that, I did not think I could do much with my trainer. However.....I did not whine one time and just did what she asked me to do. There were a couple of times where I thought I wanted to throw up...But didn't! Whew!

I finally figured out how to jump rope. Not just with one foot at a time, but with both feet in the air. Last year I tried to jump rope and I could not even do it. I forgot how to do it. I could only get one time around with the rope, maybe hit it 1 time out of 5. Last night I started out that way and decided to give the 2 foot hop a try. I made one. Then my goal was 3, then 5....I worked my way up to 17 times without stopping. Rope jumping is fun!!!!

We were in the multipurpose room, which does not mean good things for me. There are weird things in there and she makes me do them. Most things we do hurt!! She had me do a bunch of stuff, stair steps, lunges, squat, sprints, shoving the big punching bag. You know who's face I was seeing when I was pushing that bag.....yep....my trainers face. She was killing me!! (I love her, I really do!!) Then it was back to the gym for time on the Elliptical and then we did weights and tummy crunches. I took a look at myself at one point and I was head to toe red, well and sweaty. It was at this point, she said, to go get a drink. As I went to the fountain, I caught the looks of the others in the gym, they were kind of funny. They were probably thinking, why is that trainer trying to kill that old lady? After I was done with my trainer, I put in 30 minutes on the bike. Anyway, I did not die......I made it and I did well!!!!

Today however, I can hardly move, so I will not be on the Treadmill this morning. I will go to my water aerobics class tonight.

Stats from yesterday....

Exercise: Trainer - Cardio, weights for 1 1/2 hrs
Steps: 10314
Calories: 1650
Track Food: Done
Water: 100+ oz
Blog: Done


How about you.....are you reaching your goals?

Keep focused!


  1. WOW - sounds like an awesome, painful workout. I love when my muscles ache after a really good workout... hurts so good! The other gym-goers were probably think "Damn, I can't do that!" Go girl!

  2. Golly what a workout! Great job!

  3. Joy!!
    good fro you pushing yourself to do so much with your trainer!! We can always do more than we think we can. Rest up though, because she will be in your face again soon!

  4. You are truly amazing! Great job my friend. I so wish I could afford a trainer. I guess my walking buddy who pushes me hard will have to do. Tonight we climbed the mountain on our road. I thought I might die, but like you I didn't.

    Keep up the great work!

    Love and hugs!!!