Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 56 - 7 Month Focus

Oh my goodness. I'm approaching month 3 of my 7th Month Focus Challenge. Time goes by so fast!

Couple things....

  • Is anybody else having trouble leaving comments on other people's blogs? If you have not heard from me, it's because I can't leave a comment. Any advise?
  • It's June already....And it's cold in Oregon....still cloudy and rainy.....wearing sweaters!! Not helping me with my attitude!! Can I just say....GRUMPY!!!
  • Still fighting the blues....Seems the more things that happen to me or bad stuff I hear, the more down I get. I am so trying to get my joy!

7 Month Focus Update - Month 2 - DONE!

Last month was so good in many way and really tough in others. I worked through my Aspartame problem, some other health issues, a challenging month at work, and really pushed through some tough things. Also had a lot of success and challenged myself!

May Stats
8 Perfect days ~ Met all goals (Only had 5 perfect days in April)
Exercised: 22 Days (Plus I ran 1 5k, walked a couple 5k's and walked a 10k)
Steps: Hit 10,000+ steps - 14 days
Calories: 1600 - Only hit this 10 days
Tracked Food: 26 Days
Water: 100+ oz - 24 Day
Blog: 28 Days

Lost 2 pounds for the month ~ I actually hit 211 at one point (which would have been a 4 pound loss), but gained 2 pounds last week.

The first of the month I was really gun ho and the rest of the month I struggled. Obviously calories are killing me. I just can't seem to hit the mark.

Biggest struggle is my attitude and stress level. I put so much pressure on myself to hit my goals and when I come up short, I really beat myself up. Last year, I enjoyed the journey...This year, feels like I have a yoke around my neck and it's too tight, kind of chocking me, slowly....

Some my advise I stop my challenge, maybe I can't handle it. But don't we always hear that we need to set goals? I really want to be successful. I don't think I've set the bar too high. My problem is I still have my heels dug in and I'm fighting this journey right now. I just once want to do something big for MYSELF and make this happen!! I want to set my goals and make them! Why am I stopping myself?


My new focus this week will be the 5k run this Saturday. I need to psych myself up and really focus! I need to get excited and pumped! I CAN DO IT!! (Margene is doing great!! We are gonna do it girlfriend!!)

How about you...Are you reaching your goals?

Stay focused!!


  1. Wish I could run that 5k with you on Saturday!!! I am doing a 5k walk on Saturday morning for Domestic Violence awareness!

  2. I had trouble commenting until this morning now I can again silly blogger lol.Its hard when we fight ourself try taking an inventory of all the changes you see in yourself and look for more you want to reach.Once that shiny new feeling wears off dieting isnt as much fun but we gotta find new goals to reach to help bring a glimmer back.If you want to keep those goals thats great dedication maybe add a fun one in there to?

  3. I too had problems leaving comments for several days. I googled the problem and found that I needed to delete my cookies. It seems to have fixed the problem.

    As for goals...well you know how passionate I am about goals!!! I don't know where I'd be without em'. I do find though that I don't reach them all...especially the one's that are daily. I seem to do better with long term goals that don't have deadlines attached. The bottom line is that you're the only one who knows what's right for you...except for God of course. If you have peace about what you're doing than that's all that matters. I say...go for it girl!!!

    I love ya friend and am here rooting for you!!!

  4. Keep on with your goals! If you set too high ones, you might not achieve all of them, but you'll probably achieve more than if your goals are set too low.