Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 54 & 55 - 7 Month Focus

So much going on lately, it's difficult to keep up on everything...

Happy to report that I'm feeling a whole lot better! The side effects of the Aspartame are almost gone. I don't have the pressure & tingling over my right eye, no more tension headache, vision has cleared up, my energy is restored, still experiencing a little anxiety (not sure if that one was from Aspartame - we will see) and over all feeling really great!

7 Month Focus ~ Yep still working on it. However, I think I've lost a little momentum. The past few days, I have done a terrible job with tracking my food and because I'm not tracking my food I'm not sure where I'm at with the calories and I'm even having trouble getting my water in. However, I am killing it with the exercise and getting my steps in ~ Sunday I got in 14946 (5k run)  and yesterday 15496 (10k walk). Just seem to be too busy to get everything done. However, I'm back on it today! Can't believe month 2, of my 7 Month Focus is almost done. I did a little better this month with getting my goals accomplished and had more days were I got everything done. I will  give final stats tomorrow!

Working on my Summer Bucket List. (will share it soon!) I have a lot of fun things I would like to do. Can't wait!

How are you doing? Are you motivated!!!

Keep focused!!!


  1. Hi there friend,

    I've come here several times to leave comments in the last week, but Google wouldn't let me sign in!!! I've been reading though and just wanted to encourage you. I know how tough it is to maintain momentum sometimes. When I get to those places, it helps me to mix things up a bit...a new goal, new recipes, a different workout...something.

    Keep at it Joy, you'll get there!

  2. Im glad your feeling better! And I love the summer bucket list idea!!! Im gonna try it!

  3. Great work,Joy, on the running and walking.