Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Firsts

Yesterday was the first day that I've worn a dress in years. I was telling my friend, that the last time I wore a dress, you had to wear nylons. Does anybody wear them anymore? And then the next first, the dress I wore was sleeveless!!!

Wow no nylons or sleeves...I was definitely stretching myself to new heights!!

I have to tell you I felt great! It was so fun to wear something and not be bound down with so much fabric. The dress was a black summer dress, it was light and airy. Then not having to wear nylons was great too. I just felt free, young and kind of sexy!! (Oh did I say that?)

Oh I forgot to tell you, the last time I wore this dress, I looked like a sausage. It was so tight I could hardly breath. Now it's too loose ~ almost waited too long to wear it. It's probably too fancy for work, but I don't care. I felt great wearing it.

Today it's a beaded tank top with a sassy skirt and heels. Can't wait.

Have you gotten to wear fun clothes yet?



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  2. How fun that is!!! I have been able to fit into some of my fun jeans again (and since have had to donate them because now they are too big). It's so fun to get to wear things that are more fun. I wore a dress (which is so not me). And I'm not caring at all about my arms anymore. I'm actually good and at peace with them. :) Love it.

  3. Hi, Joy! Thanks so much for the kind and supportive comment you made on my post. It made me feel better. :)

    It is fun, isn't it, to be able to wear clothes that used to be too tight? Such an interesting feeling of disappointment that the outfit is almost too big and at the same time, the thru the roof joy that it's almost too big. LOve that!

    There will be more of those events to come, cause we're gonna do this thing!

    Re: panty hose. chuckle. Yes, people do still wear them. Uh-hmm. If I have on a dress or skirt, I can NOT leave home without them. sigh. I feel like I'm wearing a t-shirt with nothing else on underneath.

    Oh, well. I could have worse hang ups. Oh. Wait! I think I do. :0 chuckle.


  4. I have something for you on my blog. Stop by to pick it up!