Sunday, July 18, 2010

Would you help me encourage my friends?

In the past 7 months I have had a couple of friends and many acquaintances ask me how I got started on this weight loss and fitness journey. I have shared my story and have referred them to my blog to watch my progress. To date I have not heard from many of them.

I am afraid, in my enthusiasm, I may have....

Spoken too harshly (to get them motivated)

Given too much information (they are overwhelmed)

Pushed to hard for feed back (again overwhelmed)

Maybe I have not done enough to impress them to keep going (Ouch!)


They may not have been ready to get started....

I don't know what it is....but I have not heard from many of them for a long time.....

I just emailed a dear friend today..."Hi" LF ~ I love you....Once again, I shared my story, in truth, in love, in enthusiasm, in urgency, with expectation.

In case, I failed again, to help her.....Would you be so kind to share some things that helped you get started on your journey?

I realize that my plan, my story, my results may not work for someone else. But I just thought, if they could see some of your amazing tips and ideas of how you got started, that might encourage my friends.

Thank you for making a difference in helping other change their lives!!!


Dare to reach out your hand into the darkness, to pull another hand into the light. ~Norman B. Rice


  1. I gave you an award

    Sorry I didn't notice that you'd already gotten it

  2. Sure... read my story here. Lots of good stuff including a near brush with death:

    Nothing before this seemed to help. I guess having another person reliant on me made all the difference.

  3. Hi my Friend,

    Check out 266 @ comment on 7/20/10 - GREAT ADVISE!!!