Thursday, July 15, 2010

Routines are GOOD!!!

Routine is a good thing...Last week we were on vacation, I was really active and make good food choices, except for 1 meal, and I gained 3 pounds. This week, I got back to my regular routine and I've already lost 2 of those pounds. Woo Hoo!!!

I think my body works better when I can be consistent with everything ~ water intake, exercise, food & calories etc.

All I know is I'm feeling better, more focused and really excited!!!

Today I'm off to Jury Duty. Hopefully I will get to go through the whole process. Usually I'm dismissed. If I have to go to the trouble of getting there, it would be nice to do my civic duty!

Thank you to Karen, losing 100 pounds and Ana for following my blog!! And special thanks to all my other friends who have been faithfully following me. I am truly grateful for your friendships, advise, concern and love. It gets me through each day. Ana thank you for my special award!! I will be working on that this weekend. So grateful for you all!!

Do you feel grateful today?


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