Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Saddest Thing...

I saw the saddest thing today while at the store. There was this lady, she was a white haired grandma type, probably in her 70's. She was so big she had to walk with a walker. Her poor ankles and calves were as big around as a large man's thighs. She could barely move. All she could do was shuffle to get out of the store.

Of course, I prayed for her. I prayed that the Lord would intervene in her life, bring her someone who would show her a healthy lifestyle, maybe help her move a little bit more, SAVE HER LIFE! I pray He will do that for her.

She's still young enough to do things like travel, shop, play with her grand kids, volunteer, visit her family and friends. But I bet she can't do any of those things, because she is bound by her body. Trapped, unable to get where she wants or needs to go, unable to move...

How many of us would be in her shoes, if we had not started our journey now? Aren't you glad you did not wait, that you did not waste one more minute of your life? Aren't you glad you are making healthy choices and not jeopardizing your body anymore so that you can eat junk food? Aren't you glad you made this decision to get healthy? Aren't you glad you did it now?

What?? Are there still some of you, out there, who are not ready to get healthy? Not willing to even try? Really? You think eating junk food is better than living? That it's OK to be a big fat women or man who can barely walk when they are old? ~ You think junk food and poor choices are better than good health and a long life? REALLY?

I am begging you....

NO ~ I AM PLEADING WITH YOU!! Don't let another minute go by.

Do something today! Make good healthy choices!! Do it right now!!! DO IT EVERY DAY!!!!

Don't be that old woman or man who will miss out on so many things because you are just too weak and fat to experience life.

Make your decision today.

If you are on track with your healthy lifestyle, stay on track, don't ever stray and don't ever, ever, ever give up!!!

Do it ~ Do it today!!

I'm doing my part ~ are you?


So sorry ~ I am so grieved by what I'm seeing out there!! It scares me to death. That woman could have been me!!! I am so thankful that I am where I am today, working my plan, getting fit and healthy. And I am thankful you are doing the same. I don't want anybody to have to go through the pain of what that women is going through. Lord Bless her!!!

I want to be and I want you to be the living, breathing proof to the world that unhealthy lifestyles can be changed. That we can get fit and healthy, get this weight off and keep it off ~ for life!

We can do it.

Lets change our nation.

Much love!


  1. Thank you for the comment on my blog, Joy. I must have been HERE when it came in, LOL!

    When I read your description of the lady in the store... missing out on life due to her weight, I thought: that used to be me. It was sad to read. I hope people see that you are not criticizing her, but showing concern.

    Because believe me, it is torture to be that big. Heartbreaking, painful torture.

    I know your frustration in wanting to help your friends... and have them back off, for whatever reason. Ditto here. If people are not ready, they can get very touchy and defensive, and not see your heart, but "feel" judged. They just can't correctly see that you are reaching out in love and concern for them.

    I have had to shut my mouth and wait for THEM to ask ME. And sometimes, even then, when someone finds out it's not some quick and easy magic "diet", they glaze over and tune me out. Okay... they are not ready. Like I wasn't ready for sooo many years.

    I'm glad you prayed for her... some day you will find out how God touched her life, maybe not in this lifetime, but someday you'll know.


  2. I am often grieved by morbidly obese people out and about. I need to be better about saying a prayer when I feel this way.

  3. Sadly she is probably too old to do anything about it now. People need to look after their health when they are young.

  4. Don't write people off, C.O.S, okay? It's never too late to improve our quality of life. Following our dreams and getting stronger and healthier is not just the province of the "young"!

    Loretta, with an indignant grin on her feisty Old face!

  5. That saddens me too. I'm glad you prayed for her. Sometimes I wish I was a nationally recognized personal trainer so I could just walk up to someone I saw who needed an intervention and just do one.