Monday, July 19, 2010

Wild Woman

I was a wild women yesterday. I woke up super early, read my Bible, figured out my check book (was not easy) and paid the bills. Watered the front & back lawns and all the outside plants. Did the laundry (plus changed the sheets) folded everything and put it away. (Recently we've had a basket of unfolded laundry in our closet for about 3 weeks - geez - I folded that too!). Then I cleaned our bathroom - It was so bad!! Then I made dinner and a new dessert (Only had a couple of bites) and finally I went into my craft room and did some painting and made 2 cards.

Whew!! So productive!! Yesterday was a turning point day for me regarding my house. I have mentioned in prior posts that I'm not the greatest housekeeper. It's so weird because it makes me feel so inadequate! I have a beautiful home that is layered with dust. I have dust bunnies that have names, they are that big!!! My biggest trials are the bathroom showers, kitchen floor, the stove and all of the silver appliances (can't think of the name) in my kitchen.

No matter how hard I try, I can't get them clean enough. So after many months of this, well maybe years.....I gave up! I used to do just the bare minimum and tackle only the things that were threatening to harm our health. I was great at laundry, taking the trash out, making beds and bathrooms - cleaning surfaces. That's pretty much it. My poor hubby had to do the rest ~ vacuuming, dusting, grocery shopping etc.

After a look at my shower, I realized it was time to get it clean. I mean really clean. I got out my scrubbing bubbles and let it go to work. Usually this product does a good job, but never really gets all the grim out. So yesterday, I got it going.....and then I decided to scrub...Well I scrubs with a vengeance!!!

Now I know why I was unable to do a better job. Because of my weight and inactivity, I did not have the strength or the energy to get the job done.

After I was done scrubbing that shower, it sparkled like it was new. Me on the other hand was a dripping ~ sweaty mess. I can't believe how hard I worked.

Well anyway, this just got me to realize why I haven't done a good job and also showed me that it's possible that I can really be good at this.

Then the blinders came off, I began to see other things that need to be done. I used to just close my eyes to it - feeling too overwhelmed - and nothing got done.

Not now, I am energized and ready to tackle the house!!!

Already this morning, I was rubbing down the refrigerator and dishwasher and they are a sparkling!!


Now I can't wait. Because I had success in my bathroom, I am more motivated to get in there on a regular basis. So excited!!!

My point to all this is......This journey should not only be about getting thin. It about the whole package....Are your finances in order? How about your house? Are you eating clean and getting exercise? Are you being creative? Do you give to others? Do you go on dates with your hubby? Do you play with your kids? Do you take your dog for a walk? Do you spend time with God?

Are you doing your best every day for the Lord, yourself, your husband, your children and household!!

I challenge you today to answer these questions. If you are not your best, then make a change today. I guarantee you ~ YOU WILL FEEL GREAT!!



  1. Yes - this is a great post. I am challenging myself to think about the whole of my life - everything is so interlinked, if I am not right in one area the others don't go well either. I am working on straightening out every little bit, one bit at a time! Well done for all that hard work you did today!

  2. Wow!! Great work!! I NEED to work on my house, i'm SO not a good housekeeper. But, like my weight, I've let it get to the point where it's overwhelming. You're my inspiration to give it a go!

  3. I love days like that! I think we have similar cleaning styles - I'm all about the quick fixes and tidying and not so into the heavy duty stuff. I've been meaning to force myself into a cleaning schedule. I'm usually a pretty spontaneous person, but if I don't do it, things just won't get done.

  4. feels good don't it.
    Glad you have hope for your house.
    Getting over that initial hump is the biggest hurdle.