Monday, July 26, 2010

Some Things Are Happening...

Some things are happening, some things that are familiar...It's just been a long time since I've experienced these things....


The other day I went outside with a tank top on...."wow" you say?

Yeah, it's WOW to me!!!

The amazing thing is, I did it without asking my hubby, AGAIN, if it looked OK. I just put it on and out I went. I felt great in it and I really loved feeling the fabric close to my body (no yards of hanging fabric to cover the body anymore - yeah!) and I loved feeling the sun and the wind on my arms.

It's been a long time since I've had confidence in what I see in the mirror. I can now trust that what I see is accurate and very presentable! No more doubting!!!

Other things I've noticed....

I'm not worried about breaking chairs anymore.

I've had to go to a couple of functions that require me to wear a t-shirt. This year I did not have to call ahead to see if they had a XXL sized t-shirts. Now I can easily wear a XL t-shirts, no problem!

I can shop at regular clothes stores.

I can walk a long way without getting tired or have pain in my legs.

I can tolerate the heat. That is a miracle - Nothing worse than being overweight, wearing yards of fabric and being hot at the same time. It's just gross!

I am having trouble getting enough calories in each day....Weird!

I am a wild women when it comes to getting things done. Prior to this year, most days I could only get a couple of things accomplished. I always had enough energy to work, but after the workday I would be so tired. I might have had a little energy to do a load of laundry or balance my checkbook (yes I'm still doing that!) or pay a bill or buy groceries. Only one extra thing each day. That's it!

Now each weekday I get up at 5-5:30...I read my Bible, exercise, go to work, pay bills, run errands or maybe clean a bathroom. Weekends are another story. I am buzzing around my house so fast the dogs are always running. I tell them, "Either you will get yourself out of my way or you're not gonna make it". And they do, man, they run for cover!! I just have so much energy that I want to get EVERYTHING done!!! I get more done in one day, then I used to do in a whole week. Seriously!!!!!

I love exercise now and I love being active each day. Sometimes I feel like I have to go to work to get some rest!!

It's the simple things...simple changes...that make me so very happy!!!

I guess I'm telling you all of this to let you know....

That I do know what's happening!!

It's Good Health & Living Life!!!!

I've lost so many years because of my health and weight. I had forgotten what it's like to do a lot of things. Now I'm experiencing things that I used to do. Everything feels all fresh and new. I finally feel good enough to live life and I'm reaping the rewards of my hard work and efforts of getting fit and healthy.

Things are just happening, door are being opened, things are getting done and I'm having a BLAST!!!

I am really motivated to keep going! I don't ever want to go back!! I love what's happening to me!!!

Do you love what's happening to you? If not, make some changes today!!!



  1. Life if for living! Great list to celebrate. You must remember all of those wonderful things when you face difficult days. I'm going to remember all of mine too - thanks for the reminder!

  2. Oh, I just loved reading this post!! So alive, so full of living NOW with zest. And one thing on my "list" is to have that ENERGY. I could really relate to that one--the before part, anyway. :-)


  3. Your "joy" is contagious!!! So happy for you :)

  4. This is such an exciting post - woo hoo! You must be so thrilled to be noticing all of these small changes. It sounds like you're definitely in the zone and enjoying all your new found energy. Congrats!

  5. Woohoo, you! I so get the tank top--I've just started wearing one when I go for my walk. That's the first time in probably 20 years I've worn one--haven't even worn em in the house for that long. Like I said, I so get the tank top.

    I'm kind of still waiting for the energy, tho. I'm much better than I used to be--I walked three miles today, for example--but I'm still lacking some zip. It'll come. You give me hope. :D


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  7. How AWESOME!!! I can not wait until I can write a post similar to this one! I can just feel your energy! It is so uplifting!

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  8. You are doing so GREAT!!! I love this post. I am so excited for you. Those are huge milestones - and no one did it but you. You should be so proud! Keep those tank tops on!