Saturday, July 17, 2010

Our Children...

The other day, I was walking from the courthouse to my car. Across the street is our Civic Center and they have one of those huge water fountains that sprays water everywhere. Everyday there are people there enjoying the cool refreshing water.

When I approached the fountain, I noticed this boy who was about 10 years old. He was walking ever so slowly down the stairs with his mom. His mom was very over weight and this boy was just about as big around as she was.

He was shirtless and had so many rolls in his stomach that I bet he cannot tie his shoes. There would be no way he could reach his feet.

Then I looked around and saw many overweight children frolicking in the water.

I was so sad and grieved by what I saw.

I remember when I was a chubby kid, I was the minority. Now it seems, if a kid is thin they are the minority.

These kids are so big and out of shape, that they will never know what it's like to ride a bike, or skate, or run because they are just too big!!

I am almost 49 years old and I'm just getting to do that stuff. I missed out!!! I don't want this for our children.

My daughter gives my grand daughter candy. Every time I cringe because I am fearful that she will be fat. Geez she's a kid and she should be able to have some candy. Anyway, I do notice that my daughter gives her a limited amount and then after the candy is gone, she gets her running around the house. Don't know if my daughter even realizes this herself. It's almost like here's your treat, now lets work it off. Kind of cool!

There just has to be a balance of calories and exercise. How are we going to get these kids moving? The draw of TV and video games is too strong....

What can I do???

Well so far, I pray for every person I see that is over weight. I pray that God will intervene and help them see the way to good health and fitness. Right now that's what I can do.

Any thoughts?



  1. As a teacher, I see this from time to time. I think sometimes parents just take the easy way out with fast food and have little time or motivation for exercise.

    I have this fear for my own child. I hope when she comes I stay diligent in making good choices because it is the best thing to do and not take the easy way out.

  2. Well, Joy, that's what I do, too. Every time I see someone who is significantly overweight, I ask God to help them. I hope people are praying for me, too!


  3. I worry about this constantly!! It's one of my biggest driving forces! Once I finally get them here, I want to help them be happy and healthy!

  4. Hey there - I just found your blog and have really enjoyed reading it. I'm off to 'follow' you now, lol.

  5. I work in a preschool. We had a little boy age 5 who wore a size 12 pants. Most days he wore sweat pants. When we had activities that required movement like dancing or running he would have a melt down. His brother was in 1st grade and even bigger. They have an 18month old brother who wears a 3t in clothing. It is scary the amount of children I see like this. It is horrifying the number of parents I have heard say things like the child does not like it out side or my favorite if the child goes out side then they would have to also and they have shows to watch.

    I hope that more parents will face how hard this epidemic of childhood obesity is making it not only on the physical health but the mental and emotional health of the kids.