Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pushing to the limit

Been a couple of crazy days!!!

On Wednesday we had a great day!! We went on a 27 mile bike ride ~ 8 miles past my record!! The weather was beautiful, very sunny and hot.

I got started on my ride and was doing OK and for some reason the first 5 miles are tough for me. But I stuck it out. We got to our 1/2 way mark and decided to get a cool drink. Well instead of choosing a really refreshing drink, I choose an iced mocha coffee drink with whipped cream. It was non-fat but not the best choice for me. I have trouble remembering that everything counts, every calorie, everything that goes into my body. I decided that chocolate was not the best choice for me. Because after I got through with the drink, my stomach felt like a million pounds. I felt sick and wanted to throw up. It was awful!

Soon we were back on the road....It was so beautiful!! We could see Mt Hood very clearly. Looked like you could almost touch it! We saw cows, horses, sheep, lots of birds, wild flowers, wheat fields, blue berry fields and so much more. Kind of forgot I was exercising!

We got home that day and sat on our porch swing with our feet in my grand babies kiddy pool. SO REFRESHING!!

Then yesterday, we were up at 5:30am, getting ready for our ski trip. Every week, hubby gets together with a bunch of his friends from work and they go water skiing. We were on the lake at 7:00am. I thought it would be cold, but the air was just right and the water was warm. Everybody took their turn at water skiing, wake boarding and/or surfing. I decided I would surf.

I have not been able to get up on skis for years. I wanted to try, but we had a new guy on board and I did not want to embarrass myself. The other guys are our friends, so I would have felt much more comfortable if it was just them. Anyway, I tried surfing. Last year I was 40+ pounds heavier and a lot weaker. I thought I would just pull right out of the water.

Nope, I struggled! I was very frustrated, because I thought all this working out would pay off. Anyway, my hubby says, it wasn't me, it was the driver's fault. I tried the next time and could not get out. Then finally on my third try, I got out of the water, pretty easily!

And I surfed!!! It was so much fun. I did it a couple of times and had a blast!!!

Then after the lake, we got home around lunch time and I made a very healthy lunch and we packed for an afternoon at the beach. So off we went.

When we got there the temperature was about 20 degrees less then at home (around 70). It was very comfortable! We flew our stunt kite, which is very fun!! Hubby was a little frustrated with me, because I would crash it quite often. But I was trying!

We took healthy snacks with us, which makes me so proud! I made a comment to hubby, that it was weird going to the beach without licorice. Just seemed wrong.

Then a bad thing happened.....I had a hamburger and fries at one of the restaurants (not a fast food one). Then and then I had candy. It was so weird, because a couple of months ago I wrote a post about people eating too much junk at the beach and here I was happily swinging my bag of sweets from the candy store. I got giant tamales (just a couple - they were so hot, can't eat them), berry flavored yogurt covered pretzels and giant malt balls. I spent $11.32 on candy. Did not get a lot, it was just expensive!!

I felt like a kid in a candy store, well that's what I was ~ a really big kid in the candy store!! It was fun!!

In my post I mentioned above, I was criticizing others, I said, "People help yourselves, don't eat that crap". Well this time I could not help myself!! I wanted it and I ate it!! Goes to show you, when you are tired, you don't always make the right choices. (We are getting very tired, been on the go since last Friday!)

I have to admit, I felt a little, and I mean a little guilty after eating all that!!

Hey we are on vacation!!!

Today it's the zoo with hubby, my daughter and the grand babies! I don't think we are going to eat there, which is good! Then we are coming home for a rest, then it's off to dance class!!

Whew it's been a whirlwind vacation! So much fun!!

Are you doing anything fun?


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  1. Sounds like a fabulous vacation!!!! Don't beat yourself up too much, just don't let your burger and candy start a downward spiral.