Saturday, July 10, 2010

Over Did It!!

Yesterday woke up with my knee smarting!! I think I over did it with the bike ride the other day. I did not think you could hurt your knee riding bikes. I noticed it just after the ride, so that must be where it's coming from. So frustrating!!

Anyway we had a packed day planned. First thing was the Zoo. We took my daughter and the grand babies. Once again, I was behind the stroller pushing those babies up and down the hills and squeezing through the crowds. Good thing I did not see "Knit cap" lady there, we would be racing again (Have to read my 4th of July post to understand this!).

It is so amazing to me, still, to go to a place like that and not have all the junk food they serve. We did not buy a thing. My hubby packed us a sensible snack ~ banana's, apples, bars, with lots of water. We sat under a tree and had our snack, the whole time smelling the wonderful smells of ~ french fries, elephant ears etc... Did not matter what was going on around us, I was totally happy with our healthy snacks!!

Then it was home for a rest and in the evening hubby and I went to our dance class. It's a crash course for weddings. You can learn a couple of dances before you get to the wedding reception to help you not look like a fool on the dance floor!!! Our son is getting married in September and we want to "WOW" the crowd with our happy dancing feet.

Well....we have a lot of work to do....We weren't the worst in the class, but pretty close to it. I never realized how hard dancing is, especially since I have not danced in over 20+ years. It did not matter, hubby and I had a blast. The whole experience just made me love him all the more. He would really do anything for me, and I think I'm pressing my luck with this one, but he was a trouper and will probably be a great dancer. We are going to practice this week and make our teacher proud at the next class!!!! I would definitely recommend a dance class for married couples, it's a ton of fun!!!

OK I am up about 3 pounds. Kind of surprised with all of the activity and only having 1 bad food day all week. I cannot understand where these pounds are coming from. Don't you have to consume 3500 calories to make a pound? I think my overall calories have gone up about 12oo calories, certainly not enough to gain 3 pounds. Must be water weight gain? If I was not so far into this thing, I would be quitting by now. It's so frustrating! Seems like I go one step forward, and then 2 to 3, maybe 4 steps back....But I'm not giving up. I am going to keep plugging along. The scale has to reflect the effort at some point right?

Does the scale make sense to you?


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