Sunday, July 4, 2010


Yesterday I participated in my 2nd 5(k) event. Last year I was 42 pounds heavier and not very fit. This year I feel a ton better, more fit, healthier and anxious to see how I would do.

I went with my hubby, daughter and two grand babies. It was a beautiful day and the temperature was perfect. There were over 1000 5(k) participants.

Last year I gave it my all. When I heard the ready, set, go.... I was determined to just finish. I remember that within minutes, my body was already complaining, with pains in my calves and feet. I was so disappointed, but kept on going. When we took off, I was in the middle of the pack and did not think that many people had passed me, I thought I was keeping up quite well. When I finished at 1 hour 7 minutes (for 3+ miles) I realized that I was at the end of the pack. Just barely made it to the finish line in time. I remember looking back and could just see a few people behind me and paper blowing in the wind. Disappointing yes, but I was still a little proud of myself for finishing...

This year was a little different. I was lighter, stronger and more fit. I made sure I was rested and ate good food before the race.

Listen to me, I said "race", because in my mind that was what it was.

There were so many people at the starting line. We were tightly bunched together. I was ready to go......Oh I forgot to tell you, that I was pushing the baby stroller with the grand babies, adding another 30 pounds to push during my journey.....Anyway, I hear the ready, set, go....and we took off!

I don't know what happened, but something just clicked on in my head and I had a new game face on. I kind of felt like a race horse at the gate, pushing at the door, wanting to be set free. Well I was kind of pushing with my stroller and looking for the hole to get around the people. Then I finally found it, I was passing people on my left and right like a mad women!

Then my hubby and daughter got into it with me. They would give me a "target". (The 5(k) participants had numbers on their backs) They'd say, see #420 that's your next target. My little ole legs would get a going and I would inch my way to target #420. Then they would say, see up ahead, there's target #800 and again I would be determined to pass my mark.

Then we came across target #520. Well that target did not want to be caught! I would try with all my might but could not catch em. So I started to run. Me and my stroller ~ like a wild women and I CAUGHT EM!!!!

My hubby and daughter were laughing their heads off, running with me, the nuts! But what they did not know was this energized me to hit the next target. We did this for 1 1/2 miles and no one passed us.

Then all of a sudden, "knit cap" lady passed us. OK it's summer, what's up with the knit cap? Anyway, that made me so mad. No only did she pass us, but she was running. Well I thought there would be no way to catch her, so I dismissed her as one who got past me. Then she stopped running and began to walk. I kept my eye on her while I was passing my other "targets" and then I started gaining on her.

I got a little closer and I thought, maybe I could pass her. So I set out, running, me and my stroller, as fast as my little chubby legs could go. I were almost there, almost caught up to her and then she just takes off running again.

I thought ~ Hey, she knows I'm racing her. Augh!!

She just runs and runs.

We do this tag thing for a half mile. At mile marker 2 my hubby and daughter decide that they are running to the finish line. They help me to pass "knit cap" lady and I'm feeling pretty good.

They start running off and then so does "knit cap" lady. She's running right behind them and just keeps going. They are far off and then my hubby turns to wave and there she is, still running behind them.

Well boo hoo for me....Left in the dust by everyone. Me and my stroller.....

Anyway, I buck up and decide to find my next target. I pass that one, then that one, then that one and then and then.....I see "knit cap" lady. I've caught up to her again. This time, she's tired. Oh yes, I've got her figured out this time. I get my determination face on and I take off!!!!

Me and my stroller, running like crazy. They have a parade after the 5(k) and I'm now in the parade zone. There are people on each side, in their lawn chairs, watching the 5(k) participants and waiting for the parade. And here I came in all my glory ~running with my stroller....

Then the people start clapping and it's egging me on all the more. My legs are just a flying, my heart is thumping madly and I am absolutely loving every minutes!! Thanking some of the clappers as I fly by!! Makes me laugh thinking about it!!

Not only do I pass "knit cap" lady, but I smoked her!! Never saw her again!!!

So I'm all happy with myself and I finally see it ~ the FINISH LINE!!

I was still picking my targets, no one's passing me, and I'm doing pretty good ~ and then and then......this women zooms by. Now this makes me mad. I remember saying, I think even out loud, "Oh no, you didn't just do that"! So I get my little legs going again, but I can't catch her.

I thought that's OK, doesn't really matter.

Then I saw my hubby and daughter, they were coming back for me. Wanted to finish together.

They were asking me how I was doing and I told them of the defeat of the "knit cap" lady and they laughed. Then I told them about the other lady who passed me.

Well that got them going and they said, "Come on, lets finish this thing, lets run to the finish line." And we did. I got to running, the crowds were thicker in this stretch and all I could hear was clapping and hollering! And then, I got tunnel vision for my target, the lady and the finish line just beyond her!!

I ran and ran, totally smoked my target and was reaching for the finish line. All good sense was telling me to stop, I was tired, but my feet would not stop. They just kept going.....with all my targets passed, it suddenly got quite, we were all alone, just the 3 of us, oh and the stroller with the babies and we all went through the finish line together!!!! Winners!!

My hubby and daughter we laughing and slapping me on the back, I was laughing too, but just on the inside. I was so overcome, I wanted to cry. It was so AWESOME!!!!

After I could get my senses back, I finally heard my hubby say that I made it to the finish line in 50 minutes. I shaved off 17 minutes from last years time.

So I really felt like a winner!! Did not matter that maybe 100, 200, 300, 400 or 5oo people finished before me. What mattered was that I finished and I finished well. My body felt great, no pains, I did not whine one time, and most importantly I learned a little about myself. I learned that I am very able, determined, and a "little" competitive.

It was a great experience!!!

Then after the 5(k), my daughter and I went to the plant store. She's finally interested in outdoor plants and wanted me to help her pick out some things for her pots. We got a bunch of really pretty flowers for her.

Then I went home. got ready and it was off to church. (We attend a Saturday night service because my hubby works on Sundays) We meet in downtown Portland. Last night was the first of 8 Saturdays where we plan to serve food to our church members, but also to the homeless community. We made hamburgers, garden burgers, salmon burgers, and hot dogs. We also provided chips and soda. We served over 5oo people. I had a blast meeting new people at our church as well as some homeless people. It was awesome!

So yesterday I was up and going from 5:00am to 10:00pm. Filled the day with so many fun things. When I got home and into bed I slept like a baby.

Could not have done that one year ago. The 5(k) would have been all I could do for the whole day. Now being fit, I can do so much more!!

I'm finally living the life I've always wanted to live!!

Today, we're going to the water front for a blues festival and fireworks. Will be an all day event. Can't wait!!

What new thing have you learned about yourself? Would love to hear!!



  1. Wow!! Congrats! I can just "hear" the joy in your post. Way to go!!!!!

  2. Congratulations, you wild lwoman! lol. As I read this post, it gave me an enthusiastic hope for my "next year"! Thanks for that--and conrats again. Deb

  3. Great story! It had me smiling the whole time. And, you are very inpirational.