Sunday, April 8, 2012

Best Conversation of the Week #HAWMC

Today I get to write about the best conversation I had this week. This conversation happened while I was at the running shoe store.

Me: "I am sooo sorry for having your drag out every pair of shoes you have. I'm probably the worse customer you've ever had."

Shoe Guy: "Oh no, you're a dream compared to some of my customers. I have some stories to tell."

Me: "Whew, I'm glad, because I really hate to be a pain. I am so sorry I just have not found the "perfect" pair of shoes yet."

Me again: "I am so surprised that I'm putting you through this. When I used to buy shoes....well any sports equipment, I would always just pick the cheapest pair or the cutest color. No matter if they fit or felt good. I'm always worried about things costing too much or looking just right...then I make the wrong decision and sacrifice myself and experience pain because I've made a bad choice and did not get what was best for me."

Shoe Guy: "Well shoes are not an area where you want to skimp."

After a few more boxes and try on's and a couple quick runs on their running track. I found the perfect shoes. They are white and lime green....not the perfect color and they were definitely not the cheapest, but they were the perfect fit!!

Today made me realize HOW MANY times I've put me on the back burner to save money or to look a certain way. I also know the number of things I did not do because I was not outfitted properly. I am so glad that I'm taking the time and spending the money, so I can get the perfect fit!!

How about you, do you sacrifice yourself to save some money?

Keep focused!


  1. There is absolutely no reason not to expect the best when it comes to your shoes. Blisters or injury are no fun. Last year, I returned several pairs of hiking boots to REI. They felt great in the store but failed on trails. Thank goodness for REI's generous return policy.

  2. Awesome shoes! I was very much the same.. always the cheapest stuff. But getting fitted running shoes is a very good investment in yourself and to prevent injuries.. so rock on! Yay you!! I love my running shoes that I finally went and got as well. :)

    Happy Easter Friend!!

  3. I love the lime green! And as for the best conversation of the week...hmmmm. It would have to be the one I had with you!

    Love to you!!!

  4. I smiled big when I read this... that you did this for yourself.
    And I loved your health haiku from last Friday!

  5. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Brooks sneakers! I ahve just recently started to buy myself good shoes... I was very much like you - cheap and cute, but my feet suffered! So glad we have both changed our priorities!

  6. Like you, I've learned that I don't want to skimp when it comes to the equipment I need for fitness. It just doesn't work. Little by little, I've accumulated really GOOD walking/hiking/biking clothes and it makes a difference.