Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Lesson I Learned the Hard Way #HAWMC

The biggest lesson I have learned, the hard way, during this health and fitness journey is.....I have learned to LISTEN to my body!!!! The other thing is I can't do this journey alone!

When I first started I was really enthusiastic about doing everything right.....and doing it all right now. I went from a sedentary person, to someone who was going to the gym 3-4 days per week, walking stairs on my lunch and trying new exercises that I've never tried before ~ always moving!

About 3 weeks into my journey I got an exercise over use injury - I hurt my knee from too much stair climbing. Then a couple of weeks later I got a chest wall contusion from lifting too much weight.  Then later, I got tennis elbow, hurt my knee again, hurt my hip and back and other assorted ouchies! Mostly from not listening to my body and resting when I needed to. I did not take the time to stop to ice the injury, take an Advil or just do something else until the injury was healed. I just kept pushing through even though I was in pain.

After the first couple of injuries I realized that I needed some help and got my trainer, which was the best thing I've done for myself! Then to help with food, I got a nutritionist. I have learned that I cannot do this journey on my own, I needed some help.

Now I'm really starting to listen to my body.

I have a goal to run a 1/2 Marathon on May 12th & June 9th. (The first one will be a trial run...mostly walking and some running). The real race for me, is June 9th! So I have a goal. And I have a training plan that I'm following. I've been on track for over 6 weeks and have not missed a day. However, today is supposed to be a 5k run, but I did not get it done. And it's because I have exerted so much energy this past week, that I am spent and I have nothing to give today. I feel like if I try, I will push myself toward an injury. My hole body is sore, my feet hurt and I'm exhausted.

So today is a rest day. Already after making this decision, my attitude is better and I'm happy to face the day. Before I made the decision, I was cranky!!

Finally I'm listening to my body. I will rest today, but watch out tomorrow, because I will be rested and ready to tackle my goals!

How about you, what have you learned the hard way?

Keep focused!


  1. Way to go listening to your body! It's ok to miss some of the training. On my marathon training, I missed several of the BIG runs, and was worried - but there is nothing to worry about because training is a long process.

    I learned the hard way that shoes matter in running. That same marathon, I was in normal shoes and it turns out I'm a major over-pronater. I ended up with ITBS in both legs, physical therapy after the race, and a whole lotta misery and pain. Also learned about the whole "even if your shoes look pristine, they're worn out somewhere between 250-500 miles" thing.

    Oh, and sun block. ;) And... OK, really, I have learned that it's important to pay attention to the details and really look at the whole picture before diving in.

  2. I can relate but in terms of hunger. My body tells me its hungry so i go eat.. an hour later its hungry again so I eat some more... and so on and so forth. Never realizing that maybe it was just water my body needed, or maybe it needed actual good-for-you fuel because the junk I was feeding it did nothing at all for it. Its a real eye opener!

  3. To remain fit and balanced, one must shed bodyweight in a balanced way. Reducing bodyweight is not simple doing on your own without any guidance.

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  4. I too got an overuse injury at the beginning. I was doing the elliptical 6 days a week...not a good thing. My leg seized and I was forced into A 3 week rest. Not good.

  5. I've learned that I must avoid wheat and eat other grains rarely if
    i want to avoid all manner of physical discomfort and cravings.

    I'm no longer hungry except approaching mealtimes, and not always then either. Low carb is what my body likes.

    I'm a reformed chaotic eater and yo-yo dieter