Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I write about my health because....

I've kept a diary or journal of my weight loss journey for years. I do this to help me keep focused on my progress and always in the back of my mind, I've hoped that my experience would someday help someone on their journey to health and fitness!!!

When I started my blog. I just thought it would be an interesting thing to do. I did not expect or really even know that people would want to follow my progress. To my delight, I've made some pretty awesome Friends here, which I am grateful!!!

I have noticed that all the while going through this journey, I've had stuff happen to me that I cannot explain. Like....I've had many injuries along the way, I've had long periods of no weight loss, I've had frustrations and situations with people that do not pertain to weight loss that have caused me a lot of stress and frustration. The great thing about all of this is I've gained these stories and situations to help myself learn and grow and to help my Friends on their health and weight loss journey.

It seems, just after a hard patch happens and I will write about it....then almost always, someone writes and tells me that it was something they needed to hear, or the information helped them, or it inspired them. Most of the time, when I'm struggling through something, I'm complaining to God and asking "Why Lord, why? Why are you allowing this" or "Why me?" Of course I will share the situation on my blog and most times it will help someone else. I guess that's why I don't get too excited anymore when adversity happens. In the back of my mind, I think.....someone needs to know about this or this will need help someone else. This little bit of knowledge helps me at least get through the situation, knowing that it WILL be purposeful and not just a waste of time or a punishment to me! 

I write for me first....I need to diary this journey, well first off, because I have a horrible memory for things and this helps keep a time line for me, but secondly, I write about my journey because it helps me see the progress I've made through the years. When I get discouraged and boy do I, I will sometimes look back and see the progress that has been made and it helps me get back on track. The other reason I write about my journey is to help and inspire others. I know when I read other blogs I get inspired and find help just when I need it and I love that!! This community is amazing!

So that's it....nope not it...I write, because I really do love to write!! It's an amazing thing and I love it!!

Now that's it!

How about you....why do you write about your health?

Keep focused!


  1. Great posts and I don't know the answers either. It seems like such a waste of time sometimes, but I do think it's therapeutic to write and to offer support and receive support. And to think things through together - with those who understand.
    Your last post is great too- my heart aches for those who are so overweight that it's a huge hill to climb...I wish I could help, and I guess blogging in some way does help - as it reaches out to those that we cannot reach out to in person...??

  2. I love your posts, as always, Ms. Joy. And I love, love, LOVE your picture update - looking amazing!
    I write as a personal journal. So, I write the good, the bad and the ugly. The losses and gains and everything in between.
    Oh, and the bad memory thing too... wait, what was I talking about?

  3. My blog is first and foremost for me. Keeps me accountable to me. Turns out blogging is often more use than seeing a counsellor.

    I love the support I get. While I have a supportive family and friends no-one understands weight loss like our on-line companions. It's very encouraging to share through my blog and reading others.

    I've had to cut back a lot on what I read and my comment time is also limited. Can't spend all day on the laptop.

    I'd like to think that I encourage others and that was part of my original purpose. Now if it happens it's a bonus.

    I deliberately changed my weight loss blog to one with few followers. I guess I feel that this is a semi-private place where only those who really care will bother to read.

    There have been some very difficult events in our family life in the last year with more to come and I think that has influenced my desire to be less public.

    You are certainly successful as an encourager.


  4. I was a blog reader for a long time before getting enough courage to try it myself. I guess I realized how your blog and so many others inspired me because I found out "I'm not the only one who feels this way, has these thoughts, struggles with this and that." And like you, if one person finds meaning in something I've written about and it helps them, then it's a bonus. It does help me be more accountable to my self through this journey because I now know that it's a journey I will be on for the rest of my life.
    Thanks for your encourage to stay focused!
    God Bless-Kara Lea

  5. I think like this too. When something bad happens I think that this story will help someone . And no matter what happens ,God is teaching us something and we can use it for someone else. Our experiences make us who we are and help connect us. I am glad you are blogging. I love your blog!