Monday, April 16, 2012

Pinboard #HAWMC

Today's post was fun! I got to create a Pinterest account and pin 3 things. Here you go!

Love this one.....When I weighed 274 pounds....this is what I looked like, but the woman in the middle is how I wanted to be!!! I am getting closer to being that athletic woman I've always wanted to be!

She is racing to get out!

I pinned this one, because my daughter pinned a recipe like this for Quinoa muffins and they were delicious! Well let me say, they are delicious if you have not had sugar in a long while! If you are used to a sugary diet, they would be too bland. Anyway, I LOVED THEM. They are kind of a dense muffin, very moist and yummy!

I pinned this image because.....always in the back of my mind, I keep thinking, that I only have so many more years before I'm too old to do what I'm doing. (Really regret not getting healthy in my 30's....) Anyway...I like this one because it helps me keep focused on today and for me to enjoy what I can do TODAY!!

Have a successful day today. Do something you've never thought you'd do. Stretch yourself and surprise yourself. THIS IS YOUR DAY!

Keep focused!


  1. I held off on Pinterest for awhile, but then I got with it and I DO like it! I use it to collect images for my paintings, post my paintings, but also keep track of other things too (like races I'm interested in!)

    I like your pins! :)

  2. Love these pins. Especially the first and last. Gotta find that first pin to pin it to my healthy inspiration board. Think I already pinned the last one. Thanks for sharing.