Saturday, April 7, 2012

Health Activist Choice #HAWMC

I am really enjoying the The health Activist Writer's Month Challenge. Today I get to write about whatever I want! So here goes!!

I want to write about something that has been on my mind for a while! Way way back when I was kinda thinking about losing weight and getting healthy, I went to a personal trainer. Before we even got started, I let her know my limitations......I was sedentary, I had knee and feet problems and I reminded her that I was old.....She was a skinny 20ish woman, so I was quite sure she had no idea with what she was dealing with. So I wanted to set her straight!

After my speech, we set out and she had me doing all these weird things and pushed me in the areas of my weakness. Kind of ticked me off, because I had told her that I was not capable.

So guess what? I never went back......

Since then, and I think the Lord made sure that He put the right people in my path, I've been able to do things I thought I would never be able to do. These people have breathed faith and encouragement into me to help me see that I AM capable! I'm doing stuff I wasn't able to do when I was a kid.

Never thought it possible!!!

I am daily reaching to new levels of fitness and putting my body to the test each day. I can lift more, balance better and run faster each day. I can also, put down things that aren't healthy for me, without a blink. My eyes always looking at the end result of fitness!!


Yesterday was a run day....well Thursday was supposed to be, but I've been dealing with a chest cold and haven't been able to train for the 1/2 Marathon like I've wanted. Anyway, I felt great yesterday and my focus was to run 5 miles...without stopping!

I was property rested, fueled and ready to go and I got started. That first mile is a killer!! this typical ~ Geez!! Anyway, after that I just put my head down and focused. I got to 3.1 (5k) with my best time ever ~ 44 minutes!! That is a record for that fueled me on.

Mile 4 was a breeze and I'm like, I've got this...Mile 5 felt pretty good and I'm thinking....body, how much more do you got...mile 6 ~ done.....all the way up to 7.5 miles!!!! Took me 1 hour and 55 minutes to do it. I HAVE NEVER RUN THAT LONG IN MY LIFE!!!!! EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Picture #1 ~ My treadmill stopped at this point and I kept going to 7.5 miles~ Check out picture #2.
 I burned over 1015 calories with that run! Amazing!

I can push this body!! It's capable!! Now my mind knows it!!

Today, I have no residule pains from yesterday. None. I feel great. Got up first thing this morning and went to a Yoga class. You know what? I can do that too!! OH MY GOODNESS!!

So.....for those of you who think you can't. I'm challenging you today to try! Not only try, but do it and then do a little more. If you keep it up, you will increase your momentum and before you know it your fitness level will increase and you can do ANYTHING YOU WANT TO DO!!!






  1. Great post, and I am so happy that you have found a path that works. It is such a great feeling to find out that we can push our bodies even when we have long given up the idea that we can be capable. Have a great weekend!

  2. Great post.

    Congratulations on your amazing run. Gosh if I walked that far I'd be stoked. I did wonder for a moment though as to how you got home after a run that long. LOL. I forget that many people use a treadmill at home.

    I have to be wise about how far I walk so tat there's enough steam in the old engine to get home.

    Well done.


  3. I needed to hear this today because I finally did it...I joined the gym!!! I'm a little nervous thinking of all the new things that are available to me and scared to death that maybe I can't do them. I'm going to remember you as I'm trying them ALL!!!

    I'm so so proud of you my friend! You're doing great.

    Lots of love!!!

  4. Fantastic post! Just goes to show that we ARE capable of the most amazing things! KEep it up!!

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