Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Dream Day #HAWMC

Remember when you were a kid, a long summers day just went on forever. You filled it with many fun things, you relished the sun and enjoyed being outside. You ran all through the neighborhood and played to exhaustion.

Well when I became an adult those long summer days disappeared. Instead, time feels like it's flying so fast~ my hair is blowing in the wind! Seems the minute I get up, it a fast paced go...go...go until I fall into bed and I'm asleep before my head hits the pillow.

My dream day is to have that same long summer day, where you wake up with the birds chirping and the sun brilliantly shining. The kind of day where the air is crisp, smelling sweet with fragrance from your flower garden. Ummmm.....This dream day would have things to do, but not too important that a little spontaneity can come in and change things up a bit.

I can see myself lying in my bed, fully rested and ready for the day, thinking of my sweet Lord and praising Him for all He's given me. I would then go down and make a simple healthy breakfast with my wonderful Hubby. Us sitting at our breakfast table reading the word together and praying for our day. Then it's off for a bike ride together, taking a picnic lunch to share on a road side getaway. After the bike ride, we're off to see our kids and grand girls...for a trip to the zoo, or on the lake together playing. Then it's back at our place, where we would play games and BBQ and end up watching movies.

Just a relaxing day with my family ~ Enjoying each other ~ Loving each other. Perfect Dream Day!

I'm starting to feel that same long summer day feeling. It's happened a couple days this month. It's so cool. It's like you live 3 days in 1. Just enjoying every moment of the day. I love that!!!

How about you. What is your dream day?

Keep focused!


  1. That sounds like a great dream day! Mine is to explore the world. Give me a great mountain and a sunny day, and that's a dream come true :)

  2. Mine is to go to Egypt and spend the entire day exploring the pyramids and all the other ruins.

  3. Mine would be spending a day with my family and friends at a beautiful lake overlooking the mountains. Ahhhh...

    Love to you sweet friend!!!