Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Open a Book #HAWMC

Today I choose a book and opened it to a random page, then I pointed to a phrase and now I am going to write about it.

Support or Sabotage? The Powerful Influence of Family and Friends (From The Biggest Loser ~ Success Secrets)

It could be your spouse, your mother, your best friend. They know you're on a plan to eat right and exercise regularly.....

And yet, every time you turn around they are bringing in tempting foods into the house or taking you to restaurants that are not good for you.....or here's my biggest sabotage......They bring you gifts of food.

What do you do? I mean they are just trying to show their love ~ right!?!

Part of it may be that they like the way you are....When I was 274 pounds I was no threat. I wasn't going to leave my Hubby....I wasn't going to have an affair (well I probably still could have, but chances were lower)....I wasn't going to leave a good thing to be all alone, because who would want me at that weight? So at 274 pounds I was safe. Did not have to worry or think about any of this stuff.

Well when the pounds started to shed off...then the worry began. That's when the sabotage could have begun for me. But instead, you know what I did for my Hubby? I encouraged him. I became more flirtatious with him, more loving, more assuring, more stable in myself, more focused on the marriage. When that all happened, he calmed down and started coming along with me on the journey.

Now he's looking really good and I'm getting there and instead of wanting to look outside my marriage, I'm more happy now than I've ever been. We are more in love and really having a lot of fun. We've found some things we like to do together like running and biking. We have date night. We do a lot more together and we are having a blast on this journey!!!!

The other sabotage that I do....Yeah me, I sabotage too!! Is I give gifts of food. Candy, homemade special sugar cookies, etc. I found I was getting some type of candy or goodies for my Grand Baby Girls every time I went to the store. Do they need that? NO!! I realized that I needed to find a different love language and show them, that I love them, in other ways. Like instead of a $1 candy, I would find those $1 craft kits and we'd do them together. Or they'd get a box of band-aids. Boy they freak when they get these. Geez, it's the simple things huh? The other things I'd get are chap stick, colorng books, pens, balloons, street chalk etc. Some of these things cost the same as the candy I would buy. It just took a little extra planning. Same with everyone else, I just have to plan a little better to get them non-food items for their little love gifts.

The other thing is. Food is just available everywhere. You can't avoid it. I mean if you go to church, what does everyone want to do? EAT! Either there's a potluck, someone is asking you over or to go out to a restaurant or there's some event with food. You can't avoid it.

But I have the power to be ready for all eating events. What I do is, I'm always prepared. If I'm going out somewhere, I usually eat before I go. I eat my healthy food, then maybe have a salad or veggies while I'm out. If I get stuck at a restaurant, I'm getting good at suggesting places where I know I can order good food. If it's a potluck again, I'm fueled with my good food way before I even get to the event. That way I'm not tempted. Should I get a gift of food. I graciously except it and and I will put it in the freezer (the locked vault as I call it ~ if it's in there, I forget about it) and once in a while for a treat I will have a little.

You know after some time, my sabotagers have become my greatest supporters. It seems that everyone in my circle are trying to get healthy as well. Maybe my enthusiasm for a healthy life style has rubbed off a little and they are getting healthy too!! How cool is that?

What do you do with the sabotagers in your life?

Keep focused!


  1. It's definitely a fine line between sabotage and support. I think you have a very balanced way of viewing it!

  2. I agree with the first comment.. I experience a lot of sabotage, but the people doing it certainly don't see it that way!

  3. I'm pretty fortunate that I've had a lot of support. The sabotager I deal with the most often is!