Saturday, April 21, 2012

Health Madlib Poem #HAWMC

Today I was supposed to go to and I was to fill in the parts of speech and the site would generate a poem.

It is now 10:00pm and I'm on my deadline to get this post done and I still can't go to that website!

You know why?

It's a stupid reason.....

But if you know me, it will make sense.

I'll give you a little hint...

Check out my "About Me".....look to your right of the says...."I want to say that I'm a risk taker...but that is not quite true. However, I am stretching everyday to be that person!! This blog is a huge stretch for me, the first of many to come....."

Well....once again, this risk taker is just not willing to take a chance..... 

"Why" you might ask?

Well, I won't go there because the address, I'm supposed to go to, has the word "VIRUS" in it.......(Scroll up and check it out!!)

Just because of that I refuse to try it.

Too AFRAID that I will get a computer virus if I go to it.

Told you dumb reason!!

Just like yesterdays post did not get done because I was supposed to write about a "Miracle Cure"  of course I wanted to write something about the amazing cure of obesity....

But once again, I was too scared.....

Well mostly because the Writer's Challenge people suggested I include a disclaimer with my post.....

Whoa....too scary!



How about you?

Are you too scared to do what you want and need to do?

How about starting your health and fitness program?

How about RESTARTING your health and fitness program?

What about trying out for the team, joining that group, taking that job, asking that person, doing that thing.....WHATEVER IT IS THAT YOU NEED TO DO!!

How about we stop being afraid.......and instead....lets be RISK TAKERS?

Just a thought!!

Keep focused!!

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  1. I'm with you! I'm trying so hard to break the habits that have kept me from reaching my ultimate goals but I keep falling back on old habits because they're safe.

    I need to reboot my nutrition AGAIN and I'm scared. I need to stand up to my friends and family and get them on board or get them out of my way.

    I took the first step today but this week is going to be scary.